The year 2022 can’t come soon enough for the Stanton family.

That will be the year the family has been looking forward to for years…100 to be exact! Expect a huge celebration next spring as the Stanton family celebrates their centennial milestone.

Thanks to the dedication of the family, generations of them, Stanton’s Shopping Center has become an important piece of the history of Alvin.

Not only did the patriarch of the family, George, have a vision of hard work and determination, but he passed it on to his children, and their children. Now, a younger generation is growing up and there is interest in continuing the family tradition of keeping Stanton’s viable and still have the personal service customers expect.

In 1922, E. J. Stanton and his son, George had a successful business selling coal and wood. Later, George’s son, Warren joined him in the family business. Most of their customers were farmers, like the Stanton’s and customers requested they become an important piece of the history of Alvin.

Not only did the patriarch of the family, George, have a vision of hard work and determination, but he passed it on to stock feed for their animals.

Thus began the expansion that added a new 2,000square foot building where the office and storage space for feed, was stored and sold.

The store did very well, George Stanton saw a way to save money on food for his family and began buying canned goods in cases. He stored the cases in the small office space they had built in the store.

His farmer customers saw the canned goods and asked him to bring them some “the next time he went to town.”

Soon the office was loaded with cans and there was a need for further expansion. In 1926, the store officially opened for grocery sales and the building was now 3,600 square feet. Since they were expanding, a line of hardware was also added. Just a year later, the store again expanded and an announcement in the Alvin Sun let readers know that grand re-opening day was July 2.

Keeping in mind the summer heat, the Stantons put up four, 14 inch buzz fans and treated everyone to free soft drinks, sandwiches and coffee…and a small bag of flour.

They had specials that day as well: bacon for 26 cents per pound, cream cheese for 28 cents per pound and Post Toasties for seven cents per package.

The family was now in the grocery business!

George was called the “Merchant Prince of Brazoria County” and admired for his new “Six big stores in one”.  The store was also tagged the “Largest store in Brazoria County”. He also raised Herford cattle, having what was said to be one of the finest herds in Texas. His championship cattle set many records in the state and featured cuts from his herd in the store.

In 1972, George celebrated the 50th anniversary of the business by having a Texas size anniversary cake made. It was six feet long, two feet wide and two feel tall. Inside the cake were 500 lucky numbers which lucky winners could turn in for prizes.

Allen Stanton has photos of the store in 1924 when it was called “E.J. Stanton and Son Fuel and Feed”; news clippings from back when George began the store, when they cooked 100 pounds of roast beef and served it with rolls, drinks and ice cream cones during their 52th anniversary celebration.

Now, with their 100th anniversary set for 2022, the Stanton family is already gearing up for a memorable event.

Today, the Stanton boys: Allen and Neal and Paul run separate parts of the store. Their brother, George works on the family ranch in Johnson City, and they have two sisters, Phyllis and Mary. Each plays a special part in keeping the Stanton name viable.

In Alvin, Neil operates the feed store, Paul the hardware store and Allen the grocery store, which has evolved over the years. Today, it continues to have food products, but now features a top notch meat market. They even have their own smokehouse for bacon and sausage.

“There’s enough room for us to do our own things. We respect each other and drink coffee together every day. Their father, Warren, earned his retirement and now lives on the family ranch in Johnson City. The family frequently travels there to visit and talk about the old days when Stanton’s was a small town store that made, and still makes an impression on the community.

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