Eighteen months after Emilio Flores, 15, was shot and killed by an acquaintance outside his Alvin home, a jury decided the fate of his killer following a trial that concluded Jan. 22. 

Logan Paul Anderson, 19, was found guilty on one count of manslaughter and sentenced to four years in prison. He also received 10 years probation after being found guilty of tampering with a deadly weapon. 

The trial took place in Judge Ben Hardin’s 23rd District Court in the Brazoria County Courthouse in Angleton and took several weeks to conclude. The trial had been delayed as a result of inclement weather, which forced the courthouse to close for a few days. 

Flores’ family was not available for comment after the trial. Anderson’s family met with his attorney outside the courtroom after the jury’s verdict was announced. 

The trial stems from a shooting death that occurred outside Flores’ home in the 3400 block of Oxford in Alvin on July 19, 2016. 

When Alvin police responded in regard to a shooting, they found Flores on the back patio of his home deceased from a single gunshot wound to his chest. His father, Jose Flores, said at around 5 a.m., he heard what sounded like a popping noise outside his home. When he stepped outside, he saw his son slouched over in a patio chair barely breathing. He said his son died in his arms. 

Anderson, who fled the scene, was later arrested in Brazoria County. Police said there was not a pre-existing conflict between the Flores and Anderson. Anderson, however, did toss the murder weapon after running away from the Flores home. 

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