Alvin ISD campuses have the option to nominate one outstanding educator, paraprofessional, and rookie teacher to receive the Campus Teacher of the Year, Paraprofessional of the Year, and Rookie Teacher of the Year titles.

For the Teacher of the Year category, each campus winner submitted an application answering essay questions which asked each individual to truly explain why they should be chosen to represent Alvin ISD at the Region 4 level.  

This year, the Teacher of the Year Committee worked hard to determine the top ten finalists, five elementary, and five secondary, who would interview for their chance to be the overall district winner.

This year, the top ten finalists are, secondary: Eva Cantu - Alvin HS, Brian Robinson - Manvel HS, Jeffrey King - Harby Jr. High, Jennipher McGraw - Manvel Jr. High, and Tasanee “Ty” Cooper - McNair Jr. High and elementary, Jenna Erwin - Disney Elementary, Heather Villaloboz - Nelson Elementary, Jeremiah Ermenc - Wilder Elementary, Classie Wilson - Sanchez Elementary, and Emma Bassett - Pomona Elementary.

The Elementary and Secondary winners will be announced in May.

The district's Paraprofessional and Rookie Teachers of the Year have a separate application process.

They are asked to describe why they truly love their chosen careers. The overall district winners for these categories will also be announced at a later date.

“It is an absolute honor to be named Teacher of the Year for Alvin Jr. High," Kaylee Wilson, Teacher of the Year for Alvin Junior High, said.

"I not only feel proud of myself for receiving this award, but also proud of my students for the tremendous growth they have shown this year,” she added.

AISD offers congratulations to the following teachers, paraprofessionals, and rookie teachers honored:

Teachers of the Year:

Eva Cantu - Alvin HS

Brandi Sanders-Thomas - ADAPT

Brian Robinson - Manvel HS

Ashley Kaji - Shadow Creek HS

Linda Gilke  - RISE Academy

Kaylee Wilson - Alvin Jr. High

Yolanda Hadnot - Rodeo Palms Jr. High

Jeffrey King - Harby Jr. High

Jennipher McGraw - Manvel Jr. High

Michael Vasquez - Nolan Ryan Jr. High

Latoya Alexander - Fairview Jr. High

Tasanee “Ty” Cooper - McNair Jr. High

Marco Esparza - Hasse Elementary

Amy Magness - Alvin Elementary

Jenna Erwin - Disney Elementary

Hona Outlaw - Passmore Elementary

Melissa Coward - EC Mason Elementary

Heather Villaloboz - Nelson Elementary

Laura Lankford - Mark Twain Elementary

Natalie Mills - Stevenson Primary

Sarah Robicheaux - Meridiana Elementary

Casey Bean - Hood-Case Elementary

Valerie Tejera - Jeter Elementary

Kimberly Price - Marek Elementary

Jeremiah Ermenc - Wilder Elementary

Classie Wilson - Sanchez Elementary

Keirstan Hairgrove - Savannah Lakes Elementary

Victoria Rios - York Elementary

Meredith Mooney - Duke Elementary

Emma Bassett - Pomona Elementary

Sonia Weber - Brothers Elementary

John Burrows - JB Hensler

Paraprofessionals of the Year:

Valarie McCoy - Alvin HS

Tammy Riddle - ADAPT

Krystal Tello - Manvel HS

Gerry Fe Magtubo - Shadow Creek HS

Michelle Deberry - RISE Academy

Jimmie Charlesworth - Alvin Jr. High

Ana Huffman - Rodeo Palms Jr. High

Elida Lara - Harby Jr. High

Kimberly Nihart - Manvel Jr. High

Debbie Lobaugh - Nolan Ryan Jr. High

Heather Poperszky - Fairview Jr. High

Ashley Minton - McNair Jr. High

Christina Adwell - Hasse Elementary

Edilia Gomez - Alvin Elementary

Elizabeth Nolen - Disney Elementary

Brittany Swope - Passmore Elementary

Maria Bahena - EC Mason Elementary

Tracey Pollard - Nelson Elementary

Dorie Bustos - Mark Twain Elementary

Juanita Lara - Stevenson Primary

Pam Taylor - Meridiana Elementary

Ashley Harmon - Hood-Case Elementary

Alina Gonzales  - Jeter Elementary

Haydee Trevino - Marek Elementary

Jasmine Norman - Wilder Elementary

LaGwena Denney - Sanchez Elementary

Kendall Mazant - Savannah Lakes Elementary

Brandi Goudeau - York Elementary

Mary Karmoukos - Duke Elementary

Alma Gonzalez - Pomona Elementary

Marie Aquino - Brothers Elementary

Alex Damon - JB Hensler

Rookie Teacher of the Year:

Rachel Omerza - Alvin HS

Brandon Jenkins - ADAPT

Emeri Paige Sedillo  - Manvel HS

Jennifer Elihan - Shadow Creek HS

Carissa Moran - Alvin Jr. High

Mikiyta Stepney  - Rodeo Palms Jr. High

Lisa Rose - Harby Jr. High

Emily Cole  - Manvel Jr. High

Giovanni Rothman - Fairview Jr. High

Georgia Olumoko  - McNair Jr. High

Christopher Deleon - Alvin Elementary

Michaela Dillman - Passmore Elementary

Marissa Sistrunk  - Jeter Elem

Vanessa Birdsong - Marek Elementary

All of the employees of the year are set to be recognized at the annual Alvin ISD Employee Recognition Ceremony, taking place on May 21 at the  Marguerite Edwards Performing Arts Center at Alvin High School.

The ceremony may change based upon the ongoing health situation. Should the district have to alter plans for the celebration, Alvin ISD will honor these individuals in some capacity, according to a statement from the district.

In addition, employees of the year, service award recipients, retirees, Education Foundation grant winners and principals of the year will also be honored.

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