During an Alvin Community College commencement ceremony May 18, another record number of Alvin, Manvel, Shadow Creek and Turner high school students walked across the stage just weeks ahead of getting their high school diplomas. 

This year also featured the first graduates from Danbury and Living Stones high schools: Joaqin Phillips and Kaysie Perkins, respectively. 

“We are very proud of the growing number of dual degree graduates,” ACC President Christal M. Albrecht said. “These young men and women are highly intelligent, driven and motivated individuals who now have a jump-start on their education and have substantially reduced the costs associated with a degree.” 

ACC had 160 students complete 60 hours of college coursework through participation in the Alvin Community College Dual Credit-Dual Degree program and complete their associate degree in general studies. Twenty-four students also received certificates from the welding and pharmacy programs. 

Most dual degree graduate students begin their journey as freshmen, taking classes on their high school campus and any additional courses needed at ACC or online. Advisors say it takes a lot of work, and the students have to stay on task. 

“Each year our dual degree graduates continue to grow. It is a true testament to the ambition, drive and fortitude of the students and the ACC program, faculty and staff,” said Akilah Martin, ACC director of college and career pathway. 

Students seeking the associate degree have increased dramatically since ACC's first dual degree grad, Thomas Schuenemann, in 2008. 

Since the first graduate, the ACC dual credit program has had 657 students participate in commencement. 

There are now approximately 1,900 students enrolled in the dual credit program at eight area high schools. 

Danbury High School 

Joaqin Phillips 

Living Stones School 

Kaysie Perkins 

Dawson High School 

Taylor Hall 

Pearland High School 

Jacqueline Tran 

Alvin High School 

Edna Burgos, Joselin Burgos, Haley Dietrich, Monica Dominguez, Alysse East, Alexis Garcia, Lizbeth Garcia Calero, Makayla Guerrero, Dominique Luna, Jake Nelson, Jordan Oxsheer, Nathaniel Ramirez, Andres Reyna, Kenton Ritter, Cheyenne Slaughter, Jennifer Tankink, Alexandria Willbond and Tyler Williams 

Manvel High School 

Anahi Altamirano, Matthew Atteberry, Emily Drilling, Kelly Hejtmancik, Barbara Lomeli- Ibarra, Ashley Jackson, Isiah Johnson, Pichhapoanraingsey Kheang, Denali Klein, Hannah Knight, Zackary Meade, Katherine Moore, Raelanah Nieves, Sandra Ortiz, Christopher Rangel, Gabriel Sanes, Sabrina Vazquez and Tessa Williams 

Shadow Creek High School 

Adedolapo Akorede, Karina Cancino, Danielle Coca, Jara Go, Martina Herrera, Abigail Husain, Savannah Kornrumph, Samira Lott, Bianca Montemayor, Alyssa Ocampo, Tamia Peters, Genesis Rios, Yelonde Saunders, Chelsea Saya-Ang, Faishel Saya-Ang, Aylen Sosa, Murielle Tio, Fred Trevino and Leah Vu 

Turner High School 

Amitabh Chandra, Jahdiel Chavez, Laura Coate, Endra Cosby II, Cameron Davidson, Ashley Dinh, Melody Do, Brendon Farmer, Victoria Fernandez, William Fisher, Cira-Marie Frias, Elijah Garcia, Denise Garcia, Danielle Garza, Stacey Gillis, Julia Hensley, Erika Hernandez, Crystal Hernandez, Nazareth Hernandez, Noemi Hernandez- Briseno, Kendall Homes, Jenny Horton, Kennedy Howski, Chase Huhn, Rayce Humphries, Duaa Jaweed, Jacob Knapp, Alan Kottoor, Erin Kroeger, Matthew Lair, Renea Landry, Schuyler Larson, Stevie Lee, Benjamin Lewis, Jacob Loberg, Sting Mai, Roberta Minter, Debanhi Montemayor, Hannah Montemayor, Penelope Moreno, Justin Nguyen, Anh Nguyen, Gwyneth Obediente, Alyssa Olivares, Alyssa Osorio, Jacob Phillips, Jonathan Prince, Shelby Rios, Jordan Ripley, Cristal Rivera, Aliya Rivera, Katelyn Romero, Spencer Roy, Janie Salazar, Jasmine Samemy, Arturo Sanchez Jr., Emma Schulz, Cristina Simcox, William Sipes, Jason Sosa, Michael Stansbury, Maggie Stephens, Parker Stepp, Noah Stowers, Camille Surima, Ashton Tamez, Delores Vanhoose, Abby Vu, Caden Walker, Jared Weaver, Laken Williams and Shatrine Zachary 

Pharmacy certificate recipients 

Raquel Mata, Noemi Pulido and Kristen Soto 

Welding certificate graduates 

Joel Barron, Jason Bynum, Jose Cina, Isai Cruz, Gunner Dibble, Brendan Diffley, Carlos Espino, Grayson Fontenot, Alfredo Garcia, Leonardo Gaspar, Kaiden Guerrero, Prentice James, Juan Leal, Jordan Lewis, James Moore, Guillermo Ojeda Isabel, Ruben Ortega, Christopher Salazar, Edward Scharnberg, Ethan Thompson and Angel Vega 

For information about the dual degree program visit: www. alvincollege.edu/dualcredit

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