During the week of April 15, Alvin ISD administrators and board members set out across the district to surprise 21 district employees with the Alvin ISD Believes Award. This prestigious award is a districtwide initiative that was started in February 2019 and will be implemented each nine weeks. 

The Alvin ISD Believes Award is given to outstanding individuals who embody every component of the district vision and beliefs of: 

• We believe students achieve their maximum potential when provided engaging learning opportunities. 

• We believe parents expect excellence in educational experiences that will make each child's goals become achievable. 

• We believe teachers create a safe and engaging learning environment that fosters the success of each student. 

• We believe campus leaders establish a climate where everyone matters by creating a culture of pride and ownership in their schools. 

• We believe the central office provides the foundation to equip staff with resources in a supportive environment so that each student has the opportunity to thrive. 

• We believe the Board of Trustees engages the community to create an environment where excellence is prioritized to ensure each student reaches his or her maximum potential. 

One of these educators is Wilder Elementary kindergarten teacher Amanda Boyd. The individual who nominated Boyd said, “Amanda lives out the district vision and core beliefs in everything she does. From day one, Amanda welcomes her kindergarten students into her classroom with loving arms and is 100 percent committed to their success, not only for the year, but also throughout their education. Amanda creates a culture of love and respect with her students through the use of positive affirmations. Not only does she encourage her students with words of praise and encouragement, but she models and teaches her students how to affirm one another, both verbally and in writing. When a student in her class was asked how they know their teacher cares about them, they answered, ‘Because she tells me she loves me every day.’” 

Another example is the Alvin ISD West Side Special Education Coordinator Gaye McDaniel. Three individuals nominated McDaniel, which speaks volumes to her dedication to the success of students, teachers and Alvin ISD. One of her nominators had this to say, “It's often a balancing act to support students, teachers and districts simultaneously. Gaye is the most ethical and sincere person I’ve ever known. Her pure intentions and intense desire to help others is inspiring. She deserves this award because she personifies Alvin ISD’s beliefs and is a wonderful example for all of us.” 

The April 2019 Alvin ISD Believes Award recipients are: 

Melinda LeBoeuf – Duke Elementary 

Classie Wilson – Meridiana Elementary 

Katy Wallace – Meridiana Elementary 

Leah Short – Manvel High School 

Marina Rodriguez – Mary Marek Elementary 

Amanda Boyd – Wilder Elementary 

Susana Chavez – Wilder Elementary 

Christina Jones – McNair Junior High 

Karen Brasher-Hinds – Shadow Creek High School 

Mary Anne McWhirter – Administration 

Gaye McDaniel – Federal and Special Programs 

Stephanie White – Federal and Special Programs 

Yvonne Ramos – Hasse Elementary 

Rebecca Larsen – Hasse Elementary 

Eva Gonzalez – Alvin High School 

Angie Andrews – Passmore Elementary 

Amy Magness – Alvin Primary 

Colleen Landgrebe – Alvin Primary 

Kricket Jandl - Purchasing 

Sammie Gardner - Pomona Elementary 

Doris Malone - Alvin Elementary 

Alvin ISD will open the next Believes Award nomination Sept. 5. 

A complete list of past and current Alvin ISD Believes Award recipients can be found at http://www.alvinisd.net/ AlvinISDBelieves 

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