100 Years Ago

Alvin Sun, September 5, 1919

n Uncle Joe Jephson has sold his half-interest in the confectionery business at the old Blair stand to J. A. Wellborn & Co.  Then, true to form, Uncle Joe turned around and bought the Alvin Music Store.

n Gilbert Templeton and wife Laura have purchased the Riegel home at 708 Blum near Hood, and are currently moving into the residence.  

n Burdick’s Plumbing Store is now located in the brown front that leans toward Alfred Johnson’s barber shop downtown.

50 Years Ago

Alvin Sun, September 4, 1969

n Alvin ISD has added a new program at Alvin High, starting this year.  It is called Vocational Office Education, or VOE.  It is a partnership with local employers that allows students who qualify to work part-time off-campus.  They will receive on-the-job-training as well as wages during the semester.  Employers and teachers work together to ensure the student’s progress.

n In other school news, the Johnson Street campus now has covered walkways connecting all buildings with each other.  The High School will be using three buildings this year, the “Old Main”, the North Annex (formerly the Junior High), and the South Annex (formerly the AJC building).

n This week Piggly Wiggly is offering shoppers their choice of a 3-pound can of Crisco Shortening for 49 cents or a 3-pound can of Jewel Shortening for 39 cents. Take your pick.

25 Years Ago

Alvin Sun, September 4, 1994

n Wendy Mohon has been promoted to managing editor of the Alvin Sun-Advertiser, replacing Mark Kramer as he moves to the Texas City Sun. Kristie Watthuber has been hired as a full-time reporter.

n In conjunction with the upcoming ACC Hot Air Balloon Festival, more than 150 automobiles will be on display at the 3rd Annual Gulf Coast Car Show.  According to Event Coordinator John Keithley, “street rods, standard production cars, sports cars, pickup trucks and antique restorations” will compete for several prizes during the event.

n The Small Business Development Center will host “Quicken for DOS”, a hands-on workshop, next Thursday night.  Pre-registration is required and the fee is $25. The three-hour session will be held at the ACC campus on Mustang Road.

 This column is brought to you by your Alvin Museum Society, where Alvin’s history is kept alive for future generations.

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