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ACC English instructor Charlie Bevill speaks about the “The Fifth Plinth” literary journal during a launch party Nov. 14. (Courtesy photo)

To showcase the artistic talents of the students and staff at Alvin Community College, the ACC Writers’ Club launched a literary journal called “The Fifth Plinth.” 

The journal includes poetry, short stories, non-fiction essays and original artwork contributed by students and staff members. It took more than a year to get the first issue produced. It was released in November and is available to the public. 

“’The Fifth Plinth’ is out there for folks to enjoy,” English instructor Charlie Bevill said. “The individual authors, most of whom this is their first time in publication, have something that we hope they can be proud of.” 

“The Fifth Plinth” gets its name from plinth outside the Tate Museum in London which features a rotation of different works of art from various contemporary artists. The literary journal aspires to do the same thing for the ACC community. 

The journal was funded by an Innovative Initiative Grant from the ACC Foundation. Bevill and English instructor Thomas Parker had the idea to start a literary journal at ACC after they started one as students at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. 

“When I saw that ACC no longer had an outlet for student, staff and faculty writing, I decided to do it again,” Bevill said. 

“The Fifth Plinth” also includes winners in the contest for best poetry, best fiction and best non-fiction. Winners were Ellen Birdwell for her poem “There Were Stories before There Were Tongues”; Juan Morales for his story “The Breathing Exercise”; and Kyle Knight for his non-fiction essay “Life Is a Poem, Man.” 

Faculty members sought entries for the journal, and they were then judged by staff members. Students with the ACC Writer’s Club made the selections for the journal among the entries. 

“The club was excited to be working on the project,” Bevill said. “They worked on the basic order of the journal’s text and chose the cover artwork submitted by Karrie Silva.” 

The Writers’ Club plans to issue a journal every fall semester. 

“The Fifth Plinth” is available with a $5 donation to the ACC Writers Club through ACC Marketplace at www. All proceeds go to the production of future editions of the journal. 

For more information about the journal, visit the website at

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