Van Shotwell teaches Pomercise with Hydra Health Fitness at Oils 'r' Us

Former professional cheerleader Van Shotwell developed her workout system—Pomercise—that uses pom-poms in 2014. On Saturday, Hydra Health Fitness held the first class of the year to feature Pomercise at Shotwell’s husband’s business, Oils ‘r’ Us. (Photo by Joshua Truksa)

January is the time to commit to New Year’s resolutions and one of the most common ones is a plan to exercise more, lose weight and become more active. With this in mind, more than a dozen people attended Hydra Health Fitness’ first group fitness class of 2020 on Saturday.

Hydra Health Fitness is the fitness arm of the new Oils ‘r’ Us business that first opened in October. Alvinite owner Keith Shotwell’s daughter, Breigh Rodriguez, is a certified Zumba and step fitness instructor who brought fellow fitness instructor Jessica Macias on board to the new program at Hydra Health Fitness. Both previously taught classes at Alvin’s Thelma Ley Anderson YMCA. Rodriguez’ mother, Van Shotwell, is also an instructor.

Rodriquez said incorporating fitness was part of the plan for Oils ‘r’ Us in its goal to make people healthier.

“We had the space back here and really wanted to utilize it and kind of bring it all together,” Rodriguez said.

In their first class of 2020, Rodriguez and Macias guided the group through several rounds of Zumba and Extreme Hip Hop before introducing Pomercise- an exercise regimen using weighted pom-poms developed by Van that sets Hydra Health Fitness apart from the rest.

Van is a former professional cheerleader for the Houston Gamblers and Houston Oilers and developed Pomercise in 2014 when she remembered that her days as a cheerleader were her fittest.

“You had to carry those poms and change with the poms so I was, like, just cut everywhere,” Van said.

Van said after having her four children she decided to get back in shape the best way she knew how- with pom-poms.

“After four kids, I’m like, well I need to get back into shape, so let me go back to what I know, which is dancing and poms- poms,” Van said.

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