The crowded field of Republicans hoping to replace Congressman Pete Olson next year is continuing to grow.

In the last week, two more Republicans announced they are running for the nomination in the 22nd Congressional District. That brings the number of announced candidates to nine, three months before candidates can formally file to run for the seat.

Three Democrats have announced they are running for their party’s nomination.

Houston attorney Carl Douglas Haggard was the latest Republican to announce, making his bid official Oct. 1.

Haggard, a former assistant district attorney and chief prosecutor for Harris County and the founder of the Haggard Law Firm, said he is the best candidate for the Republican nomination.

“My background and experience make me the best match for Texas Congressional District 22,” he said.

Haggard, who calls himself a fiscal conservative, announced a bold agenda that would certainly ruffle feathers in Washington, D.C. Some of his agenda includes:

•  Continued deregulation of business

• Targeted tariffs  to return lost manufacturing and other jobs to America

• Smaller federal government, including the aggressive elimination of unnecessary and bloated federal bureaucracy

• Constitutionally mandated balanced budget

• Repeal of the federal income tax and institute an itemized federal sales tax

Also on Monday, Diana Miller announced she would be running for the Republican nomination. Miller, who has run previously for city council and mayor in Sugar Land, said she is the best candidate to take on whoever the Democrats nominate.

“I am a long-time community advocate who is proud of my past political candidacy efforts that forced positive policy change,” she said. “My past political campaigns include city of Sugar Land mayoral and cty council positions. While I was unsuccessful in attaining the elected positions, my candidacy forced political change, stopped frivolous tax increases, stopped developer control of city policy and stopped the uncontrolled urbanization of the city of Sugar Land.

"I have worked to expose frivolous spending and back room deals that benefitted special interests including sweetheart deals that robbed the Texas School Fund. Now I am exposing the Democrats and their underhanded methods to take control of our district.”

Miller is a 35-year resident of Sugar Land and has been the broker and owner of her own real estate business since 2001.

With the two new announcements, according to, the field running to replace Olson currently looks like this:


•    Felicia Harris

•    Greg Hill

•    Matt Hinton

•    Howard Lynn Steele Jr.

•    Kathaleen Wall

•    Joe Walz

•    Thaddeus Walz

•    Carl Douglas Haggard

•    Diana Miller


•    Sri Preston Kulkarni

•    Nyanza Moore

•    Derrick Reed

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