University Transfer Day

Students visit with representatives during a past University Transfer Day at ACC.      (Courtesy photo)

Students attending Alvin Community College with plans to transfer to a university will get an opportunity to learn more about where to continue their education during University Transfer Day on Nov. 12.

University Transfer Day is designed to give students the opportunity to speak with university representatives, without visiting that school, saving students time and cost.

“They can gather academic information before making their decision to transfer," said Tracy Jones, ACC advisor.

Representatives from more than 30 colleges and universities will participate with the event at ACC.

"Many students that attend a university day event are excited to find out they have transfer options beyond Houston and beyond Texas," said Michael Pounds, ACC transfer coordinator. “I think of university day like shopping; students can browse through different universities and their programs, find out what the university can offer them outside of their academics and finally see if the university feels like a good fit."

Students can learn a variety of details about the universities they are interested in while visiting with the recruiters, Jones said.

“Students can get details regarding a university’s degree offerings and admission processes such as GPA and pre-requisite information,” she said. “Students will also learn the requirements to apply to a four-year university such as the minimum GPA, additional testing they may need or other prerequisites.”

Besides saving time and money through fewer campus visits, there are other benefits to attending University Transfer Day, Jones said.

“Students will receive face-to-face communication with representatives, without having to set an appointment,” she said. “They can also learn about application deadlines, scholarship and financial aid information and get tuition and fees quotes.”

Representatives from Sam Houston State, University of Houston, University of Houston-Clear Lake, Texas A&M, and many more Texas and out of state universities will be at the event.

University Transfer Day will take place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Student Activities Center. For information, call 281-756-3531.

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