A 53-year-old man died at Mainland Medical Center on Wednesday after being attacked by three dogs at his family’s property outside of Santa Fe. 

Jimmy Lee Grigg lived on the same property in the 5600 block of Highland Road as several other family members. The Griggs have owned the property for decades. 

Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochessett said he had received confirmation on Friday that the cause of death was ruled to be blood loss from the dog attack. 

Trochessett said a relative made a call for emergency services at approximately 3:30 p.m. Grigg was alive upon arrival of EMS personnel to the residence, but was later pronounced dead at Mainland Medical Center in Texas City. 

Jody Giamfortone, who has lived across the street and been a friend of the Griggs since 1967, said there has never been a problem with vicious dogs from the property. The only misbehavior he has seen from the Griggs’ pets was when they once rummaged through his trash before one of the Griggs remedied the situation. 

Jimmy Lee Grigg was attacked by three dogs owned by a relative who also lived on the property. Trochessett said all of the dogs were of mixed breed, including a Heeler and Mastiff mix. It is unknown at this time why the dogs attacked Grigg, but Trochessett said an investigation is ongoing. 

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