The Alvin Manvel Area Chamber of Commerce held a special State of Local Development last week to give members a sense of how development has fared with uncertain times. Overall, a panel of development experts in this area say that business and home growth is increasing.

Business is strong, development is on the rise and although some products are hard to find, new home building and sales are doing well in the Alvin and Manvel areas.

These were some of the points made during a special State of Local Development luncheon held last week sponsored by the Alvin Manvel Area Chamber of Commerce.

A panel of four development experts described the signs they have been, and are seeing in the area.

Sponsored by LJA Engineering, the forum was moderated by Jake Starkey, a member of the Board of Regents at Alvin Community College.

President and CEO of the Economic Development Alliance for Brazoria County Patti Worfe, said that it is likely that most developers come to her organization as their first stop to learn about the area and collect demographics.

“Retail follows rooftops,” she said. “People want to know where schools and stores are going to be located.”

JoBeth Prochaska, a real estate professional, who is involved in commercial and retail real estate, said that some projects take a great deal of time and planning before they are completed.

Her involvement with the Manvel Town Center, currently being built at the intersection of Hwy. 6 and Hwy. 288, has been a huge undertaking.

The Center, one of the largest ever open air projects in the Houston area, took years to become reality because there were so many aspects of the project to work out, she said.

Among them were: directing the creation of the Municipal Utilities District for the site, as well as implementing capital improvements and infrastructure.

Her other duties include negotiating leases with tenants who will be opening their businesses in the Manvel Town Center.

As a part of the real estate development in not only Houston, but Manvel as well, Russell Bynum is also an engineer, and has overseen the development of Pomona and Valencia subdivisions and serves as general manager for both.

There have been 1,100 home sales, with a build out of more than 2,200 homes anticipated in Pomona, he said.

Homebuilding in Valencia is now underway, with an expected 1, 000 homes in the development.

As the broker and owner of RE/MAX American Dream, Lindsey Vaughn saw her company double in size during the recent pandemic.

She purchased her first franchise, with it doing so well, that she has expanded and now owns two, doubling her ability to cover community needs.

The positive direction for development in the area was the consensus of the panel.

“This is an exciting time to be living in this part of Brazoria County,” concluded Worfe.

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