Two presumptive cases of the novel coronavirus, a.k.a COVID-19. have been identified in the Alvin area, according to city secretary Dixie Roberts.

The cases were identified by the Brazoria County Health Department on Saturday, March 14. 

The two individuals are 35 and 45 years-old and reside in a single household in the Alvin area, according to a statement from Sharon Trower in County Judge Matt Sebasta's office..

The individuals self-reported and were tested at a Harris County health facility, Roberts said. 

The results came back for both as presumptive positive cases. 

The individuals have been in self-quarantine since the test results came back.

These two individuals have not reported travel outside of the Houston area but did attend the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Cook-Off and Events, accordint Troww;

City and county officials cited privacy laws as they declined to provide any more information about the case, including whether or not anyone else lives in the individuals' house and if any other residents of the home have been tested. 

The Brazoria County Health Department is conducting an epidemiological investigation to identify any contacts the individuals may have had.

BCHD will provide close contacts guidance about the 

virus and monitor them for the development of symptoms. 

County health officials declined to answer any questions about the individuals or discuss how the investigation is progressing. City officials did point out that for the general public, the immediate health risk from COVID-19 remains low.  

Those who have not been around anyone with COVID-19 or have not visited an ongoing outbreak area, are not currently considered to be at risk.  

Residents are encouraged to remain calm and vigilant to follow the recommendations from the CDC about hygiene habits and to stay at home if you are feeling ill. 

The best way to protect yourself and loved ones is to take preventive actions to avoid exposure to this virus.

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