Alvin residents had a poor showing at the polls on Saturday, with a small percentage of residents going ot the polls.

In the only contested race, Joel Castro garnered 662 of the 1, 055 votes, while his opponent Roger Stuksa, collected 393 votes.

Two other candidates, Martin Vela and Glenn Starkey, ran unoppsed. Vela had 170 votes, while Starkey received 236 votes.

In Manvel, Councilmember, Place 4 Ed Perry received 315 votes, while his opponent, Harry Opliger got 255 votes.

In the Place 6 race, Jerome Hudson, who ran unopposed, received 489 votes.

Also on the ballot was a proposition realting to the compensation of the mayor and councilmembers. With a total of 330 votes, or 51.8 percent, the proposition passed. There were  307 votes cast against the proposition.

Alvin Community Colege also had an election, with only one conteseted seat on the board of trustees.In that race, Mike Hoover won with 2,187, or 57.72 percent of the votes.

His opponent, David Pickren, received 1,602 votes, or 42.28 precent.

In unconstested races, Patty Hertenberger received 3, 489 votes and Yvette Reyes-Hall earned 3,491 votes.

In Iowa Colony, the contested race for City Council Position 1 was between Sydney Hargroder and McLean A. Barnett.

Barnett won the seat with 153 votes, or  50.83 percent, while Hargroder received 148, or 49.17 of the votes.

In the unopposed race for the  Council Position 2, Annetta Murray received 245 votes.

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