Alex Lewis to perform at Lutheran Church

Preparing for a recital with two of his students, Alex Lewis practices at Alvin Lutheran Church.

Alex Lewis loves playing the piano. He loves it so much that he teaches and holds recitals with his students.

On Sunday, May 30, he and his two current students will hold a recital at the Alvin Lutheran Church at 1 p.m.

Lewis, who is 27, started playing in 2018. Both of his parents play instruments; his father the trumpet, and his mother the violin. "I must have inherited some of their abilities," he said.

Although he admits that his desire to play the piano was low when he began playing, he now enjoys it tremendously, and even writes music.

At the age of six, he had a good teacher, but he didn't practice much.

He stopped playing, but again at 10, he had a teacher that taught him to practice. "She taught me harder music and my love of music grew," he said.

In high school, he says things really changed. "I was growing as a person," he said.

Now, as an adult, he automatically practices a minimum of 30 minutes a day, but sometimes plays two to three hours a day.

This is not Lewis' first recital; he held one at Christmas, joined by his students, sisters Ire and Tereni Kuku.

Ire is eight, while Tereni is 10, and the pair have been his students for almost two years. He teaches them on Zoom, since they are from the Houston area.  He says he hopes to find other studnets, both boys and girls, older than six who could either come to Alvin or take the Zoom classes.

"I prefer live, but when I made the first transition, I worried the quality would drop. But, I was surprised at how much the quality was kept intact," said Lewis.

The music will include a range of styles. The girls will play beginners music, with at least one praise and worship piece.

Lewis plans on playing Impromptu by Schubert, Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Rach Maninoff's Moment Musicaux. He will also include a composition of his own, Free Flow.

 His favorite music includes Jazz, Classical and Rock and Roll.

He plays at both services on Sunday at the Lutheran Church and on Mother's Day, his mother helped celebrate the holiday by joining him with special music.

When he graduated from high school, Lewis attended San Jacinto College, and took several classes.

He is currently attending the University of Saint Thomas, where he will continue taking classes and earn a degree in General Studies. Along with his formal education, Lewis wants to help the membership grow at his church.

"That is why I came up with this idea of recitals," he said. His goal is holding recitals two or three times a year.

He also puts his new music on YouTube, and has seven videos on the site, six he wrote in the last year.

"I want to continue like this, with more recitals and create more music," he said.

The public is welcome to attend this Sunday's event, where there will be 75 seats available or people can stay in their cars in the church parking lot and listen to it through their car radios. There is no charge and plenty of room, so reservations will not be needed to enjoy the music.

Masks are optional and refreshments will be served following the recital.

Anyone who wishes to check out Lewis' YouTube site, can search "Alex Lewis Piano" or go to:

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