Aeniqua Flowers is coming home. 

Eleven years after moving to Alvin ISD to become an assistant principal at Manvel High School and seven years after leaving the high school to become principal at other campuses, Flowers is back at Manvel High School. 

Last week, the Alvin ISD Board of Regents named Flowers the principal of Manvel High School. She replaces Bobby Martinez, who was recently named the executive director of school leadership for the district. 

Flowers said she is thrilled to be back at Manvel High School, of success academically and with extracurriculars. a campus she says has a tradition 

“I’m coming full circle,” she said. “It makes me a more well-rounded principal. You better understand a student's trajectory — where they begin and where they are going to end. The feeling is surreal just because that’s where I started. Manvel was home to me. Returning to a place that really made Alvin ISD home is amazing.” 

Flowers has served in Alvin ISD for 11 years and in public education for 25. But starting the career was almost an accident. Despite her mom being a teacher and principal, Flowers had other plans. 

“My major in college was criminal justice, and I always thought I wanted to go to law school,” she said. 

When Flowers received her bachelor’s degree, she decided to take a year off before starting law school. During that year, she took a teaching job and fell in love with it. That was in 1994, and Flowers still loves teaching. 

For seven years, Flowers taught elementary school in Dallas ISD. She then began working her way up in the education industry. She became an instructional specialist and later an assistant principal in Dallas ISD, all at the elementary level. 

Then love intervened. 

While Flowers was happy working in Dallas ISD, her fiancé and future husband was in Alvin. So she began looking for a job in Alvin ISD. She applied for several positions as assistant principals at elementary schools, but never got a response. Then she got a call that wasn’t expected — an assistant principal’s spot at Manvel High School. 

When Flowers interviewed, she knew she would get the job. 

“It was such a great fit, and it felt right,” she said. “Really, what they asked me most about was building relationships, which was perfect for me. In my rental car on the way back to the airport, Mr. Alexander, principal at that time, called me and offered me the job.” 

Flowers moved to Alvin and spent four years as an assistant principal at Manvel High School. 

“I loved it,” she said. “My first high school experience ever, just being able to connect with young adults at that level was extremely rewarding.” 

After four years at Manvel, Flowers was named principal at Wilder Elementary. Four years later, she moved up again, taking over as principal at Rodeo Palms Junior High. 

She is now the leader — her favorite title is lead learner — at the school that started it all in Alvin ISD. While leading a high school is a new challenge, Flowers said she is ready. 

“It will provide its unique challenges,” Flowers said. “Because I’ve sat in a principal’s seat for the last seven years, the business side of the job won’t be daunting for me.” 

At Manvel, Flowers said her goal is to see her students and teachers excel. 

“My passion is growing teacher and student leaders,” she said. “If you want to grow in any area, my job is to get you there and to prepare students for the future which is immediately in front of them.” 

While Flowers has reached great heights in her career, she is still not done learning. She is pursuing her EdD at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. 

As she begins her tenure at Manvel, Flowers said she won’t rush into any significant changes. 

“I want to listen, learn and observe things that are happening, as well as celebrate the successes that have already been achieved,” she said. 

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