The Alvin Animal Shelter and Adoption Center is closed temporarily because three dogs have tested positive for Parvo, a disease that can kill a dog unless treated quickly and consistently.

According to Alvin City Manager Junru Roland, as soon as the dogs were diagnosed, the doors were shut and adoptions ceased.

Alvin City Manager Junru Roland said it would be closed until Aug. 5, unless more dogs are diagnosed with Parvo.

He added that the anticipated reopening will depend on whether any other dogs that were in the shelter, dropped off or picked up, have the disease.

“Incoming animals are immunized against Distemper, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Leptospirosis, and Bordetella, said Roland.

“They also receive three deworming treatments and flea medication. The immunizations occur as quickly after intake as possible and, in all cases, before they’re moved to the adoption side (of the shelter). Unfortunately, the immunizations take up to two weeks to become fully effective.”

Just days before the Parvo was discovered, a food drive was held to benefit people who could not afford to buy dog food.

“The food was donated by the Houston Humane Society (HHS) and was brought that day.

"It was not food previously stored at the AAAC. HHS was consulted and felt it was safe to proceed with the event,” Roland said. We are not adopting any animals, nor are we in-taking strays at this time.

"We are also not accepting intakes from Manvel during this period. We will still not let an animal suffer and will pick up injured animals and treat to the extent possible. We will also pick up any vicious animal which is a threat to life or safety,” he added. Roland said both dogs and cats brought to the shelter will not be allowed inside. “We are not taking animals to the county, Houston Humane, or any other shelter,” he concluded.

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