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A former Alvinite has been charged with the continuous sexual assault of multiple children in the Waco area.

Jonathan David Brock, 25, has been charged with three counts of continuous sexual assault of a child, a first-degree felony carrying a maximum sentence of 99 years or life. He has also been charged with three second-degree felonies — two counts of indecency with a child by sexual contact and one count of possession of child pornography, after police found over 400 images of child pornography on his cell phone.

Two male victims, ages 7 and 8, are originally from Alvin. The family knew Brock before his relocation and that of their family.

When Brock lived in Alvin, his family attended First United Methodist Church on South Street. As a teenager, he had access to younger children as part of the church’s Kids’ Club. Church officials confirmed that Brock was expelled from the church after an incident involving a child when he was in his mid-teens and his family has had no involvement with the church since.

Church leaders stressed that security protocols have greatly improved since Brock’s involvement and that teenagers are no longer allowed to participate in the manner that Brock was.

Bellmead Police Department Lt. Brenda Kinsey said the recent abuse was discovered when an Alvin resident contacted the mother of the two brothers to inform her that Brock had a history of sexually abusive behavior toward children.

Due to Brock’s age at the time of the alleged offenses in Alvin, any criminal proceedings would be sealed due to his status as a minor, therefore making them undiscoverable to a background check performed by any entity other than law enforcement.

When Bellmead police began investigating Brock, they discovered that he had similar charges from Alvin brought upon him in the past that were undiscoverable in a civilian background check because he had received deferred adjudication for the offenses.

Two more victims were discovered after Brock’s arrest July 16. He informed law enforcement of a third victim during an interview. A fourth victim later came forward and Brock admitted to that accusation during a second interview.

Brock is currently being held in the McLennan County Jail in Waco. His bond was set at $400,000 as of July 30, but this is expected to increase following the July 31 service of warrants for the two counts of indecency with a child by sexual contact related to the third and fourth victims.

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