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 State Rep. Ed Thompson announced last week that he would be running for re-election in House District 29, which includes Alvin, Manvel, Iowa Colony and Liverpool.

In a recent interview with The Alvin Sun, Thompson said he decided to run again because there is still work to do. He specifically pointed to environmental legislation he hopes to work on as vice chair of the Environmental Regulations Committee.

Thompson said he was pleased with the legislation passed out of the recent session, but said there was still a lot of work to do, even if it was related to things more “under the radar.”

Thompson said he was pleased with the work the Legislature did earlier this year.

"This session was a big win across the board for Texans," said Thompson. "We secured much-needed funds to end the backlog of untested rape kits and support our schools. We addressed flood mitigation projects and emergency preparedness while bringing property tax relief and passing a responsible budget. I'm proud of our work this cycle."

Thompson's re-election bid comes just a few weeks after he successfully passed transformational school finance reform, increased teacher pay across the board, addressed the state's backlog of untested rape kits and allotted more than $3.2 billion to address flooding and storm resiliency projects along the Texas coast.

As a member of the powerful Transportation Committee and vice chair of the influential Environmental Regulation Committees, Thompson has been instrumental in fighting for transportation and resource management projects in his home district.

In Austin, Thompson has earned a reputation as a champion of infrastructure and environmental stewardship. He passed HB 1953 to place Texas on the cutting-edge of plastic recycling – ahead of China and most the rest of the U.S.

"The world is moving at a fast pace and Texas needs to keep up," said Thompson. "I look forward to continuing work to equip our state to meet the challenges of tomorrow."

Thompson said legislation like HB 1953 may not make headlines like school finance, but he feels it makes a difference at home.

In the end, making a difference is why Thompson wants to stay in the Legislature.

“You hope when you’re finished you made the place better,” Thompson said. “My parents always told me, ‘leave it better than you found it.’ I hope that can be my legacy.”

Thompson and his wife, Freddie, are the proud parents of two children and the proud grandparents of four grandchildren.

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