Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story that ran in The Alvin Advertiser incorrectly stated which driver was considered at fault. This version has been corrected.

By Joshua Truksa

Staff Reporter

Two men were transported by Life Flight to Memorial-Hermann Hospital after a major accident on FM 1462 near County Road 282 at approximately 12:30 p.m. Thursday.

William Everett, 22, of Alvin was traveling west bound on FM 1462 in a white 2007 Ford F-150 when he strayed into the oncoming lane, causing a head on collision with 62-year-old Alvin resident Ernest Johnson, who was traveling east bound in his maroon 2001 Ford F-250, according to Sgt. Stephen Woodard of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Johnson’s vehicle spun around, then began to roll over before coming to rest with the driver’s side leaning against a fence

The injuries sustained by the men were not life threatening, Woodard said, but Johnson underwent surgery and is recovering in a stable condition.

Everett, who police say was driving with an invalid license, is considered at fault for the accident, Woodard said.

Woodard said there does not appear to have been any alcohol involved in the incident.

Woodard wanted to stress that everyone be careful on the roadways, as accidents — including head on collisions — have become more common in Brazoria County for unknown reasons.

“Driving is the most dangerous thing you do every day, and in Brazoria County we’re seeing that we’re having a substantial amount of head on collisions. It’s extremely important that we, as motorists, do everything we need to do to pay attention to the roadway and share the road,” Woodard said, adding that, contrary to popular belief, most accidents leading to serious injury or death are in rural, rather than urban, areas.

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