Alvin Hallmark closing doors

The Alvin Hallmark will soon close its doors forever Jan. 27 after more than 20 years in business. (Photo by Joshua Truksa)

Alvin’s Trudy’s Hallmark will be closing its doors forever Jan. 27 after more than 20 years in business. Many Alvin residents expressed disappointment on social media at the store’s closure and the community’s loss of a place for the unique gifts one could find therein.

The Alvin Hallmark is a location of Trudy’s Hallmark, which began operation in the Houston area 40 years ago as a project of Houston entrepreneurs Tyson Shields, Kunal Aggarwal and Dan Aggarwal and currently has numerous locations across Texas from El Paso to Beaumont. Trudy’s Hallmark purchased the store from a previous owner approximately 10 years ago. The closure of the Alvin store is limited to the one location and is not part of a decline of the entire chain, which Tyson Shields’ wife Priya Aggarwal Shields, who operates the business in conjunction with her husband and other family members, said is still going strong.

“Our decision to close the Alvin sore was not one we made lightly,” Priya said in a comment to a post on the Facebook group Talk of Alvin about the store closing. “It was based purely on a financial decision. We are a Texas family owned business who has 30 locations throughout Texas. We have been in business for over 40 years and are proud to support the communities we serve. Our overall business is very healthy and have plans for expansion in 2020. For those of you who have supported our Alvin store for all these years we sincerely thank you!”

The closure of Alvin’s Trudy’s Hallmark leaves the nearest locations for Alvinites to do their brick-and-mortar Hallmark shopping in Pearland, Clear Lake and League City, Priya added.

Items at the Alvin Trudy’s Hallmark are currently marked down at 50% off and store manager Makayla Johnson said items would be marked down to 75% off as the Jan. 27 date draws nearer.

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