100 Years Ago

Alvin Sun, October 3, 1919

n Rev. and Mrs. Samuel L. Smith left Saturday for Houston, where they will make their future home with their daughter Mrs. J. K. Purifoy.  They have been residents of our fair city for 27 years, and no family every occupied a higher position of respect among Alvin people than these good folks. It is hard to give them up and we will miss them.

n Alvin Gin & Milling Company is now up and running.  It is in a position to take of all the cotton in the surrounding country.  Manager R. J. Hood says he will buy any amount from one pound up.  He adds that our new gin is one of the finest in Texas and is equipped to give first class service on a short notice.  

n LOST: A large saddle, between Dr. Shafer’s residence and town, last Wednesday about 4 p.m.  Liberal reward for return of same to Sun office.

50 Years Ago

Alvin Sun, October 2, 1969

n Chief Jimmy Jones of the sheriff’s department reported a daylight burglary at the home of O. M. Jones on Old Galveston Road just west of Alvin. Thieves made away with almost $3,000 worth of the family’s belongings — a television set, a mink coat, two guns, a radio and an outboard motor. Jones said the residence had been completely ransacked.

n Al’s Steak House is now open for business, 24 hours a day and seven days a week to serve all the people all the time. It is next door to Ray Williams Plumbing on Gordon Street. Come on by and try it out.

n MALE HELP WANTED: Warehouse clerk needed for local area. High school diploma or GED required.  Starting rate $390 per month. Phone J. J. McNamara at 658-5111.

25 Years Ago

Alvin Sun, October 2, 1994

n A 12-year-old Manvel boy has died from what health officials believe is bacterial meningitis. A preliminary autopsy has been performed and results are expected in 10-12 days. Adam Perez was a 6th grader at Manvel Junior High. School officials have issued a letter to all parents advising them to give children the preventative drug Rifampin. An open prescription for the drug has been issued by the county to Medicine Man Pharmacy and Eckerd Drugs.

n The Valdez triplets celebrated their first birthday at the OxyChem Clubhouse on September 25. Bianca Marie, Brook Taylor and Bridgette Ava are the daughters of Randy and Angela Valdez. Grandparents are Luis and Lena Garcia and Freddie and Rose Mary Valdez.

n Our new Palais Royal store will be opening in November. We will be hiring sales staff, custodians and supervisors for full-time and part-time positions. Offering comprehensive benefits including rotational scheduling, competitive wages, commissions for sales and a 15 percent employee discount. Apply in person at Homeplace Inn, 1588 S. Highway 35 Bypass.  

This column is brought to you by your Alvin Museum Society, where Alvin’s history is kept alive for future generations.

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