Eagle Scout

Members of Troop 487 helped Joseph Townsend, standing, work towards earning his Eagle Scout rank. Ten members helped him plant trees, bushes and flowers around city hall, the railroad train depot and the Senior Center.

 Neil Armstrong will always be remembered as the first man to step onto the moon; Willie Banks for his world-record track and field efforts; United States President Gerald Ford, Former Texas Governor Rick Perry, Academy Award-winning film director, film producer, and screenwriter Steven Spielberg and U.S. Army Genera William Westmoreland; commanded US military operations in the Vietnam War at its peak; are only a few of the  many men who have one thing in common. Each earned the title of Eagle Scout, the top honor for a Boy Scout.

Over 2 million youth have attained the rank of Eagle Scout since the inception of Boy Scouts in 1910.

A local young man, Joseph Townsend has worked his way through Boy Scouts and is now working on his Eagle Scout Service Project. To achieve Eagle Scout, he must select a project and complete it within his hometown, Alvin.

The process to achieve Eagle Scout is a difficult and detailed one. He created a workbook, describing his plan of action in detail. He then submitted an application, sent it to the Boy Scout Service Center. The council verified his application and a Board of Review was scheduled , followed by contact with his references.

Later, Joseph faced a Board of Review, where all of his years in Scouting were be verified, his merit badges and ranks earned, as well as their dates checked for accuracy, and then a verification signature, files of a copy of his application and letters of reference were sent to the Board of Review chairman, or other designated volunteer.

Following that review, his application was sent on through the chain of executives and, in Joseph’s case, given the go-ahead to select a Service Project that benefits an organization other than Boy Scouts, such as a school or city or religious institution.

The Scouts who desire to work towards Eagle Scout must have a clear understanding of what they will be doing, and his plan to complete it.

Working in the hot summer sun, Joseph took on improving the look of city property a few weeks ago.

He leveled an area in front of city hall, put in plants and mulch, pulled out dead plants in front of the Senior Center and planted new ones, and then cleaned up and replanted bushes near the front door of the train depot.

A member of Troop 487, Townsend decided to do the landscaping, asking 10 of his fellow Scouts to help.

“I am trying to make the city look nice,” he said.

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