Food pantry delivery

Volunteers help unload and organize all the pallets of food and supplies to hand out to the needy in our community.                                             (Staff Photo by Brenda Groves)

The Houston Food Bank made a delivery in Alvin last week by the request of Jodi Woodsmith,Director of Farm Gals, Inc, a non profit food panty located at 115 E. House St. in Alvin. 

A line of vehicles stretching down Adoue Street all the way to Walmart waited for their turn to receive the disaster relief. Volunteers unloaded 28 pallets with 25,000 lbs. of assorted groceries to 312 vehicles, providing food for approximately 1,000-1,500 individuals. 

“We have no income restrictions,” Woodsmith stated, “so anyone with a valid ID, regardless of income, can get food.” 

The Houston Food Bank delivery last week included cereal, milk, eggs, bread, produce, paper goods and canned goods and much more. 

Kati Quirk with Alvin Hope Charities, also on site, partnered with Farm Gals Inc. to provide relief to Alvin’s needy. 

Farm Gal’s is a non profit organization and non perishable food pantry offering canned and boxed foods, water, hygiene items, cleaning supplies to anyone in need. 

(They supply pet food to 501(c) animal rescues, not individuals.)

As a result of growing needs throughout the area the food pantry is asking for the help of the community. 

Woodsmith explains, “We have no paid staff and we are not sponsored by anyone. Donations are always accepted as our fundraisers have ground to a halt with the virus threat.” 

They serve a large area including Brazoria, Galveston, Harris and Montgomery counties, this is why Farm Gals needs a larger place.

Woodsmith further explains, “We offer so many programs, and are growing so quickly, that we are scattered all over the place. For efficiency, and to better serve our beloved Community, we need to consolidate into one big location.” 

“We are looking for a commercial space in Brazoria or Galveston County with roll up doors and a large parking area to accommodate: 18 wheelers, public parking, food pantry, warehouse, disaster distributions, senior meals, homebound individual food delivery, mobile hygiene programs, legal services for disability, veterans and tax offices,  meeting room, resale shop, soup kitchen/free meals, fundraiser programs, animal adoption, animal ministry, feral cat programs, animal wellness programs and animals on wheels pet food delivery.”

“While we love where we are presently,” Woodsmith adds,”there’s just not enough room to expand and accommodate all the wonderful programs Farm Gals offers to everyone. If you’ve visited us, you know parking can be a problem. We are seeking partnership with a commercial building owner for  the benefit of everyone. We may be the ONLY charity in Texas that has no income restrictions. You can have no income or a million dollars income and still have a need that we can help with.” 

Farm Gals is a 501 (c)(3) charity registered with the IRS and State of Texas, follow them on Facebook or call 832-315-0909, or visit them at for more information or how you can help give back to our community. 

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