100 Years Ago

Alvin Sun, December 5, 1919

n On or after Jan. 1, 1920, all garages in the city of Alvin will be operated on a cash-only basis. Don’t ask for credit any more, and save yourself the embarrassment.

n NOTICE: I have purchased the grocery business of P. W. Packer, next door to the Alvin Music Store, and will continue it at the same location. I will carry a full and complete line of groceries and endeavor to merit your patronage with courteous treatment and right prices. Yours Very Truly, George Haas.

n R. F. Martin and family have moved to Singer, Louisiana.

The A. E. McLendon and Lyle Mebane families are moving to Phoenix. The Mebanes are keeping their farm in Mustang.

The old Kelly building is getting a new coat of concrete soon.

The New Café, managed by the Spencer sisters, is now offering furnished rooms for rent. Across from the depot.

J. W. Record is moving to the Houston Heights.

50 Years Ago

Alvin Sun, December 4, 1969

n A storage warehouse owned by Gulf Coast Furniture was destroyed by fire last Saturday. The 35,000 square foot structure, located at the end of Johnson Street, was packed with living room suites, bedding, dining room furniture and appliances. According to Fire Marshall Fred Goedecke, the building blazed for four hours. He said the cause of the fire in unknown at this time, but he suspects it had been smoldering inside all night before being noticed Saturday morning.  Several Santa Fe railway cars were on the tracks near the blaze, but none were damaged.

n Grace Episcopal Church is sponsoring a Christmas Tour of Homes this year. Tickets will be $1, and the homes of the following citizens will be on display:

Mrs. R. W. Rotzler at 112 Crestmont in Hillcrest Village.

Mrs. A. L. Martin, III, on East South Street.

Mrs. R. W. Red, Sr. at 617 W. Lang.

n Mrs. Lucille Daniel Cullison, 58, passed away Nov. 6 at the Gulf Coast Hospital. She was a member of the First United Methodist Church and a well-known Alvinite. She is survived by her husband Roy R. Cullison, sons Edwin and Bob, a sister Miss Thelma Daniel, and two grandchildren.

25 Years Ago

Alvin Sun, December 4, 1994

n At the Darrington Unit of TDCJ near Rosharon, prison authorities have been conducting a three square mile search for Dennis Wayne Hope, an inmate who escaped from the unit on Nov. 26. He was serving an 80-year sentence for impersonating a police officer, aggravated robbery, theft and escape.

n The Antique and Craft Guild of Alvin will host its annual Silver Bells Trail on Dec. 9 and 10. Twenty-seven local shops are participating this year. There will be special sales, refreshments, yard sales and even entertainment at some of the stops along the trail.

n AISD is accepting applications for a shop foreman. In addition to supervising shop personnel, the position will include supervision of all AISD vehicles. Candidates must have 10 years’ experience in fleet maintenance. This is a mid-management Pay Grade 3 position. Applications are available at the Transportation Center, 2200 Stapp Maxwell. For further information, call John Ralph at 713-585-3703.

This column is brought to you by your Alvin Museum Society, where Alvin’s history is kept alive for future generations.

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