For many years, the green and yellow recycling bins seen all around town have become a familiar sight to Alvinites. The bins, originally owned by Abitibi and later Paper Retriever, could be seen at schools, the Alvin Public Library, churches and the offices of The Alvin Sun & Advertiser.

But the landscape of Alvin has changed — the bins are gone.

City officials and Keep Alvin Beautiful board members discovered in August that the bins were no longer being serviced, leading to an overflow of recyclables over the summer as unsuspecting residents continued in their attempts at responsible conservation through recycling.

Those involved were then informed by WCA, who had recently purchased the bins from Paper Retriever, that Alvin was not in its service area and the company would soon be removing all 219 bins from Alvin.

Since the disappearance of the bins, members of Keep Alvin Beautiful and the city have been thinking of ways to return recycling back to Alvin’s schools, businesses and churches.

Alvin City Councilman Joel Castro said the council could include a new agreement for commercial recycling when it renews its contract with Waste Connections, which already provides residential recycling to the city.

Keep Alvin Beautiful President Alice Sloan said paper recycling is still available to residents within Alvin’s city limits by way of their blue recycling bins, but county residents and Alvin businesses currently have nowhere to turn.

Castro said he was very disappointed that the bins were removed, as he believes that “recycling is the most conservative thing you can do.”

“Recycling creates jobs, recycling helps the environment. I mean, it’s almost a win-win-win-win-win-win a situation all around,” Castro said.

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