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After months of speculation, it is time for those hoping to be the next U.S. representative for the 22nd Congressional District to make it official.

Candidates have begun officially filing to run for the seat currently held by Pete Olson, who announced earlier this year he was retiring.

Heading into the official filing timeframe, 16 Republicans and three Democrats announced they were interested in running. To get on the primary ballot, the candidates must file with the state party and pay a filing fee before the deadline next month.

As of Thursday, two Republicans had officially filed. Former Brazoria County Judge Greg Hill and Reddy Bangar were the first candidates to officially file. Kathaleen Wall added her name to the GOP ballot Friday.

Hill, who won election as judge two years ago, said he is ready to bring his conservative approach to D.C.

“By filing today, we are taking the first step toward getting our country back on track and protecting our mainstream conservative values in Congress,” said Hill. “I am ready to take my experience as a U.S. Border Patrol agent, judge and city councilman to Washington to secure our borders, defend our Constitution and uphold the rule of law.”

Hill stepped down as county court at law judge after announcing he was running for Congress. In the crowded field, he leads all candidates in the number of individual donors.

“Now more than ever, Congress needs a new generation of leaders who reflect mainstream suburban values and can restore common sense to Washington,” he said. “I’m running for Congress to defeat the radical socialist agenda of the Democratic Party, protect our pocketbooks and our families and preserve our quality of life. The socialists are out of their minds, but they control Capitol Hill. Together we can send one of our own to Capitol Hill and take it back.”

Bangar may be a new name to many in the Alvin area, but he is a leader among the Indian community in Houston.

Reddy is a former president of India Culture Center of Houston and is associated with Sri Ashta Lakshmi Temple.

He is making his first run for Congress.

Wall is running for Congress for the second time. Two years ago, she ran for a set in Congressional District 2, where she lost in the GOP primary to Dan Crenshaw, who went on to win the seat.

After losing, Wall has dedicated herself to the state Republican Party, and she said she is ready to run again.

Wall leads all Republicans with cash on hand after the first notification period.

The other candidates who have expressed interest in running are:


Felicia Harris Hoss

Howard Steele

Keli Chevalier

Joe Walz

Douglas Haggard

Matt Hinton

Diana Miller

Shandon Phan

Jon Camarillo

Troy Nehls

Joe Walz


Sri Kulkarni

Nyanza Moore

Derrick Reed

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