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Congressman Pete Olson will have a third challenger when he runs to keep his seat next year.

Last week, Pearland City Councilman Derrick Reed announced he is running as a Democrat to unseat Olson in the 22nd Congressional District.

Reed is the third candidate to formally announce plans to challenge Olson. Nyanza Moore, a progressive political commentator, an attorney and a mother to two young children, announced earlier this year she is running in the Democrat primary, and Army vet Joe Walz announced he is running in the Republican primary.

Reed was the first African- American elected to the Pearland City Council and he says he brings a unique experience to the primary, as he is the only person running who has served in elected office in any capacity in the district.

In a video announcing his run, Reed said Olson is failing the local communities in the 22nd District.

“Despite the different obstacles we face as Americans, we continue to get ready each day to follow our path to achieve the American dream. The problem is, some of the obstacles we face were created by the very same people we elected to run this country, those that aren’t paying attention to our needs or may not even know what those needs are,” he said. “I understand those needs; the need to have a system that provides for accessible health care … and the need to create an economy where small businesses are valued … I’m Derrick Reed, and I’m not only currently serving this community, but I work in it, and I raise my children in it. I’m asking to be your next congressman to ensure that the needs of this community are met and never ignored.”

Reed, who worked as an assistant district attorney in Harris County, said he wants to work for everyone in the district.

“As a councilmember, I’ve continuously advocated for the needs of the citizens while ensuring fairness and opportunity for everyone in the Pearland community,” he said. “I also vehemently worked to put violent criminals behind bars and ease penalties for non-violent drug offenders as an assistant district attorney in Harris County. I’m running for Congress to ensure that every citizen’s voice is heard and included. Giving it my all is the only way I’ve ever known, and that is how I will fight for you every day as your voice in Congress. I will advocate on behalf of every citizen of Texas Congressional District 22 and the state of Texas — and ultimately open doors for everyone to have the chance to succeed and a fair shot at achieving the American Dream.”

If elected, Reed said he will be accountable to the voters in the district, promising to hold town halls at least once every six months.

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