Working alongside students and faculty at an alternative school is nothing new to Elizabeth Garcia, who was recently named principal at Assets Academy earlier this summer.

Before she began her career at Passmore and York elementary schools, she worked with students at an alternative school in San Antonio.

She takes over for former principal Tracy Hummel, who is now assistant director of Alvin Independent School District’s federal and special programs.

“I’m very excited to be at Assets and get back to being with high school students that have different needs than students at other schools do,” said Garcia, who served in the United States Air Force before beginning her teaching career 14 years ago.

Garcia said Hummel left a “legacy” that is unmatched and had grass-roots programs that affected many students for the better.

“I want to honor what she started at the school and really look forward to the beginning of the school year,” Garcia said.

More than 200 students from grades 9-12 will see Garcia for the first time when she begins roaming the Assets Academy hallways between class periods in the coming fall. Garcia, who will begin her 10th year at Alvin ISD this coming school year, was voted into her new position by trustees of the Alvin Independent School District. Garcia is the former principal of Glenn York Elementary School. In her absence, Lisa Hicks will now lead that school.

When Garcia was named principal, she was part of several other administrators named to new posts, including Manvel High School, Alvin Junior High School, Fairview Junior High School and Meridiana Elementary School.

Trustees voted to approve several people as principals. Their schools are as follows:

Harby Junior High School: Juan Manuel Gonzales, Rodeo Palms Junior High School: Aeniqua Flowers, R.L. Stevenson Primary School: Dale Tribble, Meridiana Elementary School: Julie Weiss, Savannah Lakes Elementary School: Charles Bagley, Glenn York Elementary School: Lisa Hicks, Wilder Elementary School: Stacy Van Lonen, Alvin Junior High School: Leroy Castro, Fairview Junior High School: Greg Bingham and Manvel High School: Bobby Martinez.

The last time AISD trustees voted on new school administrators was June 23. It was the second time that month that they filled vacated spots for principals and assistant principals.

According to Alvin ISD, trustees will vote for a new Ryan JHS principal at their July meeting.

Tribble will have the unique opportunity to serve as principal for two Alvin ISD schools – Disney ES (grades 3-5) and Stevenson PS (grades K-2). At their meeting June 14, AISD trustees named her Stevenson’s new principal but would continue to serve in the same capacity at Disney.

According to the school district, the schools serve many children from the same families as a result of their proximity to each other.

“I am excited to work with the teams from both Stevenson and Walt Disney. I am so grateful for this opportunity. I know this upcoming school year will be tremendous in building the future for our kiddos,” Tribble said.  

Allen Roberts, who is AISD’s associate superintendent of human resources, said the naming of Tribble as principal over the two campuses is an innovative way to bridge the gap between the grade split.

“Generally, our elementary system is K-5 and we are also working with vertical and horizontal teaming. This is a great time to merge the two,” Roberts said.

According to Alvin ISD, to ensure instructional alignment, family support and continuity as students transition between the two campuses, Kim Graham was named Stevenson’s associate principal during the same June board meeting.

Monique Gadson will continue as assistant principal for Walt Disney Elementary.

Assistant principal posts that AISD trustees voted on during the summer are as follows:

R.L. Stevenson Primary School: Vanessa Ruiz, Walt Disney Elementary School: Julie Gray, Nolan Ryan Junior High School: Donielle Walters, Rodeo Palms Junior High School: Brian Christenson, Alvin High School: Robert Ford, R.L. Stevenson Primary School: Kim Graham and Mark Twain Elementary School: Carol McDonald.

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