Alvin Community College regents approved a contract for a construction package during their meeting Oct. 25.

Regents voted unanimously to approve a $332,598 contract with Structure Tone Southwest to carry out several upgrades on campus for electrical, switch gears, chilled water mechanical valves and hot water mechanical valves.

The upgrades are part of the $25 million maintenance tax note project approved by the board in 2018

“It’s exciting that after all of the planning and preparation to see work start on campus,” Board Chair Mike Pyburn said. “It’s the first step. We are looking forward to see our plan put into action.”

The improvements are planned to be carried out over the Winter break.

Board members also approved a $687,000 contract with DataVox to upgrade the campus IT infrastructure, the college’s data center and networking equipment.

In other action, regents heard an annual, state-mandated report on the access and affordability to attend the college. The report provided details regarding the demographics, median income and tuition and fees for ACC students and how they compared to other local colleges. The report also measured demographics and income and how they relate to the community.

The report found that ACC has the fourth lowest tuition cost per semester credit hour compared to nine of the Gulf Coast colleges.

“One aspect of the report focuses on affordability of college,” ACC President Dr. Christal M. Albrecht said. “The report demonstrates that increasingly diverse students are able to access higher education and that tuition and fees represent a reasonably low percentage of students annual income.”

During the meeting regents heard a monthly report from the Student Government Association officers. SGA President Lorna Craft and Vice President Cherlyn Crawford spoke about the upcoming semester and the plans for improving student engagement, fundraising and other campus activities.

Regents also:

-heard report on college auxiliary accounts

-heard update on grant programs

-approved contract for purchase of a Mobile Go Center

-approved grant application for Alvin recycling project

-approved resale of trust property

-approved amendment to 2018-19 budget

-approved monthly financial reports

Regents will have their next meeting on November 21 at 6 p.m. in the Nolan Ryan Center.

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