Continuing Education Director of Health Programs Leigh Davis, left, and Director of Business and Technology Sara Currie recently graduated from Chair Academy.                               (Courtesy photo)

When staff members at Alvin Community College seek to develop their leadership skills they not only benefit themselves and their careers but also the students they serve.

Continuing Education Director of Health Programs Leigh Davis and Director of Business and Technology Sara Currie recently graduated from Chair Academy.

The academy training is built upon a foundation of leadership research, theory, competencies and best practices. Training occurs over time, developing leaders with measured outcomes. Leaders are mentored and coached during their time in the academy and provided with ongoing personal and electronic conversations, keeping leaders connected to each other and the academy.

“Through the Chair Academy Foundation Program, I have been able to utilize the knowledge and skills taught in class while working this past year on campus,” Curries said. “The professional development plan, combined with mentoring, has helped me develop and succeed in my personal and professional goals.”

The academy helps educational leaders understand their personal style of leadership while also bringing out the best of others, Davis said.

“Using multiple case studies and scenarios, we learned the best way to apply the strengths and work to develop others strengths in areas of management,” Davis said.

The academy’s program includes two week-long sessions in November 2018 and 2019 that included studies of personal assessments called My Alignment Plan and Individual Professional Development Plan.

Currie and Davis also worked with mentors throughout their time in the program who they met with on a monthly basis.

“A couple of areas of the MAP is designed to develop a personal mission statement and a strengths statement,” Davis said. “The IPDP looked at the complex role, strengths, leadership practices, work behavior style, strategic thinking and acting, cultural and inclusion, leading teams and effective communication.”

Completing the Chair Academy program also provides six hours to go toward a master’s degree in education.

Currie said the program has provided her with a framework to improve as a leader.

“I look forward to utilizing the continuing professional development plan I have built through this program to continue to grow and share tools, research and support with my colleagues here at ACC,” she said.

Davis said the program helped her learn about her leadership style and how she can become a more effective role model for others.

“The time involved over the year gained me confidence, validated my working style in my career, strengthened colleague relationships and personal life,” Davis said. “I also gained valued friendships with other educators in higher education from the United States and other countries.”

To learn more about the Chair Academy, visit

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