Being on television was never a dream that local working mother and self-described introvert Nazia Khan held, but that’s not stopping her from becoming a contestant on the first season of a reality show created by network marketing gurus Ray and Jessica Higdon called The Lifestyle Solution. 

The journey started with a separate challenge by Ray Higdon for people to do a live video every day for 14 days. 

“I placed, and I think that’s really what pushed me, and I was like, ‘You know what? Maybe I need to do this,’” Khan recalled about the decision to audition for the show. 

Simply waiting to see what came of her entry, Khan was notified by email at the beginning of May that she would be one of approximately 30 participants to travel to Florida this week. 

Khan said she is excited not only to be a participant in the show, but to meet Ray and Jessica Higdon for the first time. She has been learning from Ray’s daily live training sessions on network marketing on his Facebook group “Rank Makers” for three months. 

“That’s really what has grown my business is being in Rank Makers,” Khan said. 

Khan entered the industry of network marketing after leaving her job as a social worker to stay home with her sons Anas, 6, and Isa, 3, after Isa was diagnosed with epilepsy. She had tried network marketing in 2012, when she was still in her early 20s, but without instruction, had a much different experience. 

“I didn’t know what I was doing. I did everything wrong. I was very spammy, I just posted things on Facebook without any thinking. You know, I was just that — that spammy salesperson that everyone is just — just hates,” Khan said. 

“When I didn’t do well, I thought, you know, ‘Everyone’s right, this is just one of very few people are making money, it doesn’t work,’ and so I just had a really bad impression of it,” Khan said. those pyramid schemes. It’s like, 

That was until she met her new landlords in 2018 and learned that they were able to start their successful real estate investment business using passive income from a multi-level marketing company they had worked with years earlier. 

Khan found the coffee company she currently acts as a distributor for after joining Rank Makers. 

A fellow member sent her samples, and Khan soon realized the product was something she believed in, which Khan said is an important part of network marketing. 

Khan began branding herself as “That Mompreneur” shortly after. 

“I just really, like, I had a thought that I wanted to be that mompreneur,” Khan said. 

For the introverted Khan, she said the early stages of the reality show experience have already taken her out of her comfort zone, but have brought her to the conclusion “that to do things and to get anywhere you really have to get out of your comfort zone,” and Khan said she is excited to represent all of the communities she is a part of. 

“I’m excited about representing Muslims in a way — in a positive way, especially with things that are on social media, and just the way that we’re represented right now, I don’t feel like we have a good rep; representing moms, wives, so I feel like I’m representing a lot of people, and that’s really what’s pushing me to do it,” Khan said. 

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