Alvin Masonic Lodge No. 762 held its annual installation for the new worshipful master who will head the lodge for the coming year, this year choosing former senior warden Andy McGlothlin to assume the role.

Outgoing Worshipful Master Ken Welch said he had experienced more as the worshipful master of Alvin Masonic Lodge for the year 2018-2019 than he ever could have imagined.

“We look in good shape going forward, and I’m proud to have worked with all of you,” Welch said, and personally thanked The Alvin Sun & Advertiser and reporter Joshua Truksa for bringing awareness to the community about the presence of the lodge.

“Last year, I heard something that kind of stung, some people come through and said, ‘Alvin has a lodge?’ Well, thanks to you, brother, and the city council and us getting out there, everybody knows now, and that’s one of the proudest accomplishments of this year,” Welch said.

McGlothlin has been a Mason for 48 years and a member of the Alvin Lodge for much of that.

He used his father, Ross E. McGlothlin’s, gavel for his first call to order. Ross was the worshipful master of Sinton Masonic Lodge No. 1012 in the year spanning 1974-75, and Andy told the story of how the gavel was made by a neighbor from a very large mesquite tree Andy and his brothers would play in at their childhood home after it was toppled by Hurricane Celia in 1970.

Andy’s son, Mark McGlothlin, also used the gavel for his first and last gavel as worshipful master of the League City lodge and choked up as he presented the gavel back to Andy.

Andy then told the story of his father, who built his own car at the age of 12 in 1926 and, according to Andy, invented the two-hole water fountain and the lightweight plastic hurdles seen at modern track and field from small high schools worldwide to the Olympics since 1964.

“[My father] taught me how to be a Mason,” McGlothlin said, “How to love and appreciate people as a whole and how important Masonry was in a man. He said don’t take people’s weaknesses and use it against them. He said take people’s weaknesses and build upon them and make them stronger. Taking a good man and making him better.”

Andy pointed to some interesting correlations between important dates in his family’s history, such as the birthdate of his mother, Ann Lee McGlothlin, who was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star (an appendant organization of the Freemasons open to women) for 69 years, and his upcoming year as worshipful master of Alvin Lodge No. 762.

“The interesting thing about Mama is that she was born on May 12, 1920. I’m worshipful master in the years ‘19-’20. The other interesting part of this is that her mother, my grandma, was born in 1893. This lodge was chartered in 1893,” Andy said.

Other officers installed included John Derrick as senior warden; Leon Shapiro, past master of Friendswood Lodge, as junior warden; Jason Jones as treasurer; Past Master Al Pool as secretary; Mark McGlothlin as chaplain (sworn in by Andy’s other son Chris); Michael Rindhage as senior deacon; Tim Robinson as junior deacon; Art Byrd as senior steward; Derick Dame as marshall; Robert Hasse as master of ceremony; and Martin Gonzales as tyler.

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