It's in the family blood. Froberg's Farm has produced fruits, vegetables and even flowers for not only Alvin residents, but for many people from out of the area, and year-round the farm produces plenty of choices for everyone. Strawberry season just ended, but now a new crop is ready to harvest. Froberg planted 10,000 blackberry vines that come in seven different varieties, many ripe and ready to be picked.

Since he has several varieties, Alfred Froberg says each has a slightly different taste and smell.

“You can walk along the rows of one kind and smell a wine flavor,” he said. “The next row or two may smell a little differently.”

Although the rain has slowed visitors picking their own, Froberg says there are plenty of blackberries on a day when it isn’t raining, and will be from now until August.

These varieties came from the University of Arkansas, and one, Osage, was just released for sale.

“Each new variety receives an Indian name,” Froberg says.

Everyone who loves picking their own and has a chance visit in a field with a very busy Froberg gets a hint about where the ripe groups are, and there are plenty.

This year, Froberg’s Farm has decided to embark on a new project. The farm purchased 7,000 Christmas trees that are growing tall and beautiful and will be ready to cut this Christmas.

“I am only going to sell about 1,000 of them this year,” said Froberg, who wants to let the others grow taller so he has a bigger variety of sizes.

It might rain today, or even tomorrow, but there is plenty of time to visit the store and grab some blackberries in a bucket they provide and enjoy the smell and fun of picking your own blackberries.

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