• Mrs. Judd Whitson has been awarded a beautiful Red Cross medal for her faithful service in the work of the local organization during the war.

• “A little Want Ad in the Alvin Sun will buy, sell or trade anything. Try one, the cost is only one cent a word”

• STOCK ELECTION NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that an election will be held in the City of Alvin, Texas on Saturday June 28, to determine whether stock will be allowed to run at large in the city limits. The polls will be open at the usual voting places. Signed, W. C. Blair, Mayor 

50 Years Ago

Alvin Sun, June 26, 1969

• The 47th annual American Legion Rodeo was held at the rodeo grounds off Tovrea in east Alvin. Clint Harlow and his world famous sheep dog act performed at the event.

• The Texas Highway Department announces its plans for reconstruction of the underpass and pump house on Highway 6.

• The new garbage dump in Mustang Community is now open for city disposal by residents of Alvin.

25 Years Ago

Alvin Sun, June 23, 1994

• Representatives from PBK Architects made a presentation to the AISD Board of Trustees detailing plans for the renovation of Alvin High School. The project will include the demolition of the Main and North Annex buildings and the construction of two new buildings, which will contain room for the English and Science wings. Another wing will include administration and counseling centers and a new cafeteria.

• In addition, four new tennis courts, walkways and parking areas will be constructed. Officials estimate the cost of the project will be approximately $8 million. Construction is scheduled to begin in early 1995.

• The Alvin-Manvel Chamber of Commerce announces its sponsorship of the first annual Toure’ de Braz, to be held on the 4th of July.

This column is brought to you by your Alvin Museum Society, where Alvin’s history is kept alive for future generations.

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