Gage new head coach pic

The AISD Board voted to apparove James Gage as the new head football coach at Alvin HS on Feb. 8 during its regular board meeting. Gage is pictured with his wife, Lindsey and children Crew (right) and C.J.

(Photo courtesy of Alvin ISD)

James Gage, who had served as the offensive coordinator the past two seasons at Alvin High School, was approved and promoted to the Yellowjackets’ new assistant athletic director/head football coach posts during the AISD’s regular board meeting on Feb. 9.

The Lewisville native and Hardin Simmons graduate came to Alvin in 2019 after holding both the head football coaching and athletic director posts at S&S Consolidated High School in Grayson County. Gage guided the S&S program to three playoff appearances in four seasons. He also coached for five seasons at Barbers Hill High School, the last two at as Hill’s OC.

“When I came here a couple of years ago, I took a step back from being a head coach and athletic director,” Gage said. “But my end goal was to get back into a big school and eventually I wanted to be a head coach for a big school like my dad (THSCA Hall of Honor member Ronnie Gage) was for most of his career.

“When I was given the opportunity to come here and get involved in the program, I saw a lot of good things I was really intrigued about. When the opportunity came up to apply and interview for the job, it was definitely something I was interested in. It was a long process. It’s been an exhausting year, but now that’s it official, we’re ready to move forward and get this thing rolling.

“The best part about it from the football aspect is that we really don’t have to change a whole lot. We got offseason going right now and would have been running it the same way if I had been the head coach two months ago. The biggest thing is digging my roots in and getting to know everybody.”

Gage said the plan is presently to start the Jackets’ spring ball workouts in mid April.

“My philosophy is that we are going to be extremely demanding of the kids and we’re going to be hard on them,” he said. “We’re going to work them, but we’re going to welcome them every step of the way  and be their biggest fans. I told the kids we’re going to set the bar high and have high expectations.

“We’re going to be demanding of those expectations and then be consistent with those demands. We’re going to hold our kids accountable. Our kids are going to understand that being a part of this program is a special deal and there’s a great responsibility that comes with it.”

Gage’s wife, Lindsey, is the head softball coach at Ridge Point High School. The couple have two kids, Crew and C.J.. A profile and photo essay was published on Gage by freelance photographer Michael Edmonds in the Sun-Advertiser’s 288 Express January magazine.

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