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An unnamed volunteer helps unload a shipment of food at Farm Gals' Alvin location on April 20. Due to a miscommunication the charity didn't realize they were recieving a shipment.

Farm Gals Community Food Pantry had to make an urgent “shout out” to the community on the morning of Monday, April 20.

The group had some serious miscommunication with the Houston Food Bank, according to Farm Gals executive director Jodie Woodsmith.

Farm Gals was under the impression that they would get a 40 pallet disaster food delivery.

Until the night of Sunday, April 19.

Woodsmith posted on Facebook that around 8 p.m. Sunday night, her organization heard from the Houston Food Bank that Farm Gals' request would go unfiulfilled.

"This has never happened to us before. We are sad and angry," Woodsmith wrote. "We want to cry. Farm Gals is so sorry to let you down."

However, at around 9 a.m. on Monday morning the Houston Food Bank contacted Farm Gals and confirmed that a delivery was indeed on the way to Alvin.

Woodsmith had to put out the word that she needed volunteers to unload the food.

Approximately 60 people answered the, literal, call and came to help sort, bag and distribute the  pallets of perishable and non-perishable goods.

After the food was unloaded the volunteers distributed it in a drive through at 1:30 p.m.

The Farm Gals then  worked into the evening delivering food packages to disabled and homebound citizens.

“A huge thank you to the Houston Food Bank and every volunteer who gave their time and energy or shared the message with others or prayed for this event,” said Jodie Woodsmith, Director of Farm Gals, Inc.

“Our community has the biggest heart,” Woodsmith said.

She also stressed an urgent need for pet supplies such as food, hay, feed, cat litter, livestock feed.

"You can help by getting the word out to everyone you know to donate pet food, supplies, hay, feed, cat litter, livestock feed, and to monetarily support our online fundraiser for this purpose," Woodsmith wrote in a Facebook post.

If local businesses, feed stores, pet stores, grocery stores, farmers or veterinary clinics want to partner with us, please message Farm Gals, she added.

Woodsmith added that Farm Gals is working "to help the COVID unemployed keep and care for their beloved animals."

  Farm Gals doesn't receive governmental funds, the group relies on community donations.

Farm Gals is a non profit food panty located at 115 E. House St. in Alvin.

Unlike other area food pantries, Farm Gals doesn't require proof of need.

“We have no income restrictions,” Woodsmith stated, “so anyone with a valid ID, regardless of income, can get food.”

Farm Gals also doesn't have any paid employees.

“We have no paid staff and we are not sponsored by anyone," Woodsmith said.

"Donations are always accepted as our fundraisers have ground to a halt with the virus threat.”

The Farm Gals organization serves a large area including Brazoria, Galveston, Harris and Montgomery counties.

Because of the organization's rapid growth, Farm Gals is in the market for a new location.

"We are looking for a commercial space in Brazoria or Galveston County with roll up doors and a large parking area," Woodsmith said.

A new location will need to be able to accommodate a variety of activities, including the arrival of 18-wheelers as well as public parking for Farm Gals' food pantry.

Woodsmith's ideal facility would also have a warehouse to store donations and allow for disaster distributions.

Farm Gals is also looking to provide senior meals and food delivery for homebound individuals.

The organizations is also interested in adding mobile hygiene programs along with legal services for veterans and the disabled.

If Woodsmith has her way Farm Gals will provide area residents with  tax offices,   meeting rooms, a resale shop, soup kitchen, animal adoptions and, an animal wellness program.

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