Harris County Pct. 1 Constable Alen Rosen says it was a horrible week for his office as he and others learned about the sexual assault of children in Alvin by Pct. 1 Deputy Constable Robert Johnson.

Johnson, a resident of Alvin was a suspect accused of sexually assaulting children, during a week-long saga that ended in him committing suicide.

According to Rosen, last week’s events began on Monday, May 17 when a dispatcher for his department was being evaluated because of poor job performance.

During a discussion with the dispatcher, Christina McKay, she began to tell how Johnson had been sexually abusing children. Rosen said that those allegations were turned over to Internal Affairs and an investigation began.

McKay told investigators the assaults took place in Alvin and the Alvin Police Department was notified and went to his home, but were unable to locate him.

On Wednesday, McKay met with Johnson, but called law enforcement because she feared for her life.

The Houston Police Department, FBI and Texas Rangers were brought into the case as well. When the Constable, police and a SWAT team went to the location, they saw Johnson and McKay leaving in separate cars. “We tried to pull him over in his private vehicle in Liberty County, but he drove away,” said Rosen.

The SWAT team was able to box Johnson in at a bridge and began to talk to him. For hours, Rosen said they spoke to Johnson. During the standoff, Johnson made several phone calls, and admitted that he had sexually assaulted several minors. “It was important that we prevent a suicide, and get all the facts pertaining to this case,” said Rosen.

Johnson implicated both McKay and Sheriff's Deputy Chonda Shalett as well as other adults. He then took his own life.

Both women were arrested and charged with sexual assault of a child.

“It’s been a tragic week,” said Rosen. “Nobody saw it coming. It was very evident that everyone around him had no idea he was a pedifile.”

He noted that the parents of two victims had already been contacted.

“We only know of two, but there are probably more,” he said.

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