Liverpool Fire Chief Joshua Morris announced exciting news during a meeting of the Brazoria County Emergency Service District No. 3 on June 10 — the Liverpool Volunteer Fire Department has had its 501(c)(3) status reinstated. 

“I’m here tonight to let y’all know that we acquired our 501(c)(3) within our 90 days even though most of the CPAs that we talked to, staff members and veterans of 501(c)(3) organizations told us that would be almost impossible,” Morris said. 

The department received its letter of determination June 6, just three days after a public meeting in Liverpool with representatives of the district and the Liverpool City Council and four days before the June 10 deadline. 

The situation surrounding the Liverpool Volunteer Fire Department has been one of the most pressing and controversial issues that the district has faced in the past year. The department had its 501(c)(3) status revoked 


 due to unfiled tax returns corresponding to the years during which former treasurer Kelly Gabel was responsible for the department’s finances. Gabel is currently under indictment with an upcoming court date July 1, facing charges of aggravated theft after allegedly embezzling thousands of dollars from the department. 

Morris requested that the district offer the department a contract identical to the one that was terminated in March and not include “stricter terms.” He also said he wished for the terms of the new contract to mimic those of the original to prevent spending additional taxpayer money on legal fees and reduce the amount of time it would take for the department to begin providing emergency services again. 

“This that we did in 90 days should show you our dedication, our willingness to provide emergency services to our community,” Morris said. 

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