Fall Festival

Children line up for the Costume Contest at the ACC Fall Festival.

Once again, Alvinites young and old gathered at Alvin Community College for the annual Fall Festival, now in its 44th year.

With the festival having become an established tradition spanning nearly five decades, the event was filled with all manner of attendees, from new Alvinites who had never been before to those who remember coming as children now bringing their children.

Kathy Hohn, who grew up in Manvel, said her family started coming to the festival when her now 31-year-old daughter, Lauren Childs, was just 3 years old. This year, Childs brought her children Connor, 13, Kinslee, 9, and Harley, 22 months, for the first time after moving back from Florida.

“It’s really grown, so they’ve got a lot going on here today,” Hohn said.

Jorge Rodriguez and Rosanna Tellez’s 5-year-old son, Silas Rodriguez, dressed as the famous “Chucky” doll possessed by the fictitious serial killer Charles Lee Ray.

“He told us he wanted to scare the other kids,” Tellez said, though Silas said he himself wasn’t scared by Chucky.

Like many parents, Jorge first attended the festival as a child himself years ago.

“We always used to like to go to the haunted house that they had in the gym,” Jorge said.

Forty-year-old Chad Ware said he came to the festival as a small child years ago. Like many native Alvinites, he now brings his family as a tradition every year. His son, 15-year-old Zachary Ware, wore a very large inflatable baby sumo wrestler costume.

But with the smorgasbord of tables, booths and activities that always take place at the Fall Festival, there’s something for everyone.

“I come for the turkey legs and the cake walk,” Chad joked.

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