Brazoria County Judge Matt Sebesta is putting the prevention of COVID-19 on county residents as businesses enter limited reopening.

“It will be very limited in reopening and I feel the businesses will be responsible when they start serving to the public,” Sebesta said. “As long as they are doing their part, things will slowly get normal again.”

As businesses prepare for reopening, the county health department reported nine new COVID-19 cases.  

“It’s good to see the case count is single digits, but each day is a new day,” Sebesta said.

Despite having the ability to reopen, megaplex cinema chains AMC and Cinemark will remain closed.

Some local businesses are already celebrating the end of the lockdown.

 Alvin barbecue hotspot The Caboose held a "Free Beer Parking Lot Party" on Saturday, May 2, with country musician Junior Gordon providing entertainment.

The event brought dozens of people out to socialize while social distancing.

Caboose owner Doug McReaken was quick to nip any concerns about violating government guidelines in the bud.

"We spoke to county and state officials," he said. "As long as we keep everyone spread out we should be fine."

McReaken's sentiments were echoed by bartender Angel Debottis.

"It's awesome to see everyone out again," Debottis said. Caboose customer Kevin Perepeluc was also happy to be out.

"Thank God its over," he said

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