Construction is underway for a massive medical glove manufacturing facility that will have a huge impact on the economy of Brazoria County.

Maxter Healtcare Inc. is building a $500 million facility on 215 acres in Rosharon, and expects to create up to 1,200 direct jobs once the facility is completed.

The company chose Texas from a site list that included New York, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Texas.

The list was narrowed down to Florida and Texas, and the final decision to locate in Brazoria County was made earlier this year.

The Rosharon site will be Supermax’s 18th manufacturing facility worldwide, but the first to be built in the United States.

The State of the Art company, which specializes in manufacturing medical gloves, is planning on a four-phase build out with phase one already underway at CR 52 and CR 48, just off Hwy. 288.

Alvin Mayor Paul Horn said that the city will form an Industrial District to protect the entire facility from being annexed.

He added, “This will definitely impact our area. We have new housing developments being created on Hwy. 288 and CR 1462 in the near future and those new homes will really benefit them.”

Each phase of the development should produce an estimated 400 million gloves per month, according to Maxter Healthcare President Stanley Thai.

An estimated 1.6 billion gloves will be produced each month, meaning 19.2 million gloves can be produced annually.

“This domestic manufacturing capacity will aid the U. S. in its ability to respond to the current pandemic and help safeguard the U.S. in the future,” said Thai.

“In addition, through the establishment of our research and development center and collaborations with the local and regional education institutions, we will be developing innovative new products and technologies,” he added.

State of the art equipment is going to be a part of the manufacturing with “world-class” capabilities, such as automation, robotic manufacturing and Industry Revolution 4.0, according to the company.

Maxter CEO CK Tax said the facility will strengthen the U.S. Personal Protective Supply Chain by building domestic capacities. “We will be capable of catering to at least 10-15 percent of the total annual medical glove imports into the country over the next two to four years.

"Over the next four to six years, as our capacity increases, we will be able to provide 20-25 percent of the domestic demand and consumption.”

Elected officials, as well as education leaders, are excited to see this area chosen, and anticipate jobs, training and education with the company to benefit all of Brazoria County.

Alvin Community College President Dr. Robert Exley said the College is eager to partner with Maxter Healthcare.

“I am excited about the opportunities for Alvin Community College to work closely with the leadership of Maxter Healthcare, Inc. to assure that they have a skilled workforce. I remember attending a Brazoria County Commission meeting last year where their project was presented and we heard from their executive leaders and owners,” said Exley.

“ACC stands ready to continue to meet our mission of access and excellence for our community members through workforce development and education. This is a very concrete example of teamwork in action,” he added.

Brazoria County Matt Sebesta said, “We welcome Maxter Healthcare and the significant investment they are making in the county and the great job opportunities they will provide for our citizens.

Alvin ISD Superintendent Carol Nelson agreed, adding, “The long-term benefits of a project like this in our community are clear and significant. The direct and indirect jobs and educational partnerships abound. The implications of a project like this goes far beyond our local boundaries and will add to our local economy.”

The Supermax Group was founded in 1987 as a trading business distributing latex gloves, building its first manufacturing facility in 1989, the company now has 18 manufacturing facilities worldwide and now commands a significant market share in the highly-competitive U.S. dental market.

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