A perfect day was the setting for the annual Alvin Rotary Club's Frontier Day last Saturday.

The day started with the annual parade, which included salutes to the Alvin Volunteer Fire Department, Alvin Police Department, the Alvin High School marching band, several floats from local churches, Scouts, softball and baseball teams and riders showing off their horses.

As the parade went along, candy was thrown to eager children, many who brought bags to collect and save the goodies. The judges stand gave those in the parade an opportunity to put on their best show, waving, dancing and playing music as they rode along.

Immediately following the parade, National Oak Park was the next stop for those looking for a fun day of games, shopping and watching talented children perform dances and musicians sing a variety of songs.

At high noon, many headed over to watch the traditional gunfight, which starred Alvin Rotary members as good and bad guys.

The Car Show, always a huge hit, included more than 200 vehicles competing in several categories for trophies for their treasured vehicles.

Putt-putt golf, slides and plenty of cotton candy and other treats made the day fun for the kiddos, while adults enjoyed beverages in a special area.

Along with the events at National Oak Park was the carnival, giving everyone a change to have even more fun for kids of all ages.

Photos of many of the events are in today's paper and more will be printed in next week's Alvin Advertiser.

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