Most Alvin residents have traveled on Hwy. 6, heading to Manvel, Houston, Sugarland and other areas north of Alvin.

A common complaint for some time has been the condition of Hwy. 6, where much of both north and south lanes are stiped with bumps for most of the distance to CR 99.

The Alvin Advertiser asked the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Houston District about the problem.

TxDOT says that the project to rework Hwy. 6 in that area was let on July 1, and it usually takes four to five weeks for a project to be awarded to the low bidder.

Then, says TxDOT, the contractor has about 30 days after the project is awarded to mobilize and begin work.

It will include asphalt concrete pavement overlay, "spall" repair, full depth repair, signing, and pavement markings.

They anticipate construction to begin in early fall.

They expect the work to take at least five months, but weather conditions could affect that time frame.

The original road was constructed in 1995.

The state estimates it will take $5.3 million to complete work on the 3.901 miles from CR 99 to Second Street.

TxDOT says the “bumps” were by the concrete “spalls” in the roadway. “Spalling’ of the concrete pavement caused the bumps.

The initial repairs have settled, and consequently, caused the current ride condition, TxDOT told the Advertiser. “The initial repairs were made approximately five years ago.

"At that time, there were no indications of further issues.”

They said that the repairs made at the time were good quality; however, over time, the repairs have settled and consequently caused the current “ride condition.”

“At the time of the placement, the repairs were smooth, however they have settled through the years.

"This could attribute to weather or other impacts that happen over time.”

The project will include new spall repairs, full depth repair (replacing of concrete and rebar), and a complete asphalt overlay, the entire width of the roadway, within the limits of the project.”

The work is scheduled for nighttime work and will use standard road closures to complete the project. “No change in speed limit will occur, they said. “We ask motorists to go to for scheduled lane closures, including this work.

“We want to thank the traveling public for their patience while we do this work. It is our goal to keep people and goods moving while we maintain our roads,” they said.

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