Our first grandchild turned 8 months old last week, and there are no words to describe how she has blessed our lives. She recently came to visit for the weekend, and her Poppi and I were thrilled to have her. In the last couple of weeks, she has begun to crawl, and she loves to explore. There are so many things that she is learning to do now, but one of the main things I have noticed is trust. She is coming into an understanding that her family will help her and take care of her.

For example, when she was an infant she would cry loudly when she was hungry. That’s understandable. Her parents never kept her waiting long. As soon as she expressed her need, the process of feeding her began. Even though we held her and gave her a pacifier trying to comfort and reassure her, the cry grew louder.

And even though I knew she would be OK, it broke my heart to see her in such distress.

But now she is getting old enough to know what the bottle looks like and to understand the process of preparing it. Time and again she has watched someone go through the ritual, and she is learning to trust.

When she came to stay with us we knew when feeding time was because she made little fretful sounds and the clock agreed.

So I would ask her: “Are you getting hungry, sweetheart?” Her eyes would light up, and she would babble an excited reply or a simply squeal. “Ok, Bebe’s getting your bottle.”  

From that moment on she would watch my every move as I went to get her food.

You know, in truth, nothing had changed in our response to her needs from the moment she was born. But she is now learning that she can trust us. Why? She has become familiar with her parents and extended family, who are consistently good to her.

Now, the Lord was talking to me about this in comparison to our own relationship. When I was a baby Christian, I would cry out to Him often for my needs to be met. See, I wasn’t sure if He wanted me well or prosperous or happy. I knew He loved me, but I wasn’t sure what all that included.

From the moment I voice or even think my needs or wants to Him, the spiritual world goes into action. Angels are sent out on assignment, and things are shifting around in my favor.

Here’s another thought.

When she came to stay with us a cool front had just come in, so her momma and daddy packed plenty of warm clothes and pajamas. Any medications for teething or gas drops were packed just in case a need arose. Diaper cream, shampoo, bibs, etc. You get the picture. They planned and provided for her in advance of the need.

And in the middle of the night when she cries out, someone is going to hold her, comfort her. She has come to know this because she stands up and holds her arms out to us. How would she know to do this? Because hundreds and hundreds of times we have first reached out our arms to her.

The Word says that the Lord has provided every spiritual blessing that we will ever need in our lifetime.

But we have to take our spiritual thumbs out of our mouths and become familiar with Him. We can all get to know Him through intimacy with Him, and we do this through reading His word with all our hearts and engaging in conversation with Him. Not just to Him.

It is not natural for a Christian to stay spiritually immature for all our lives. Our spirits do not need to grow, but our minds must be renewed and grow in the knowledge of Him. When a need arises we don’t have to cry out to God like we are orphans with no one to take care of us as if we are on our own here.       

God has provided well for all of His children, so go to Him, crawl up in His loving arms and simply let Him Father you.

(Matt. 6:25-34, 7:7-8, 9-11; 2 Cor. 5:7:; Isaiah 65:24; James 1:17; John 3:17; Eph. 1:3)


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