Welcome back to the start of a new school year in Alvin ISD.

During this time of new beginnings, Alvin ISD remains focused on academic excellence for each student in every program. This year, our goal will remain acutely focused on providing our students with engaging lessons while building a culture of support and success that encourages students to take risks and flourish in the classroom. As a community member with a vested interest in the success of our students, we ask that you hold us accountable to these aspirations. We also invite you to become actively involved in activities offered at your local campuses.  

In Alvin ISD, we aim to provide students with a broad array of educational experiences that connect to the passion, interests and talents of each individual student. By expanding the unique opportunities available in Alvin ISD, we aim to empower students and their parents to make decisions that are best for their individual needs. With the many options offered in Alvin ISD, from early childhood through graduation, our students are able to take ownership in their learning by pursing specific areas that will help them achieve success once they have graduated from high school. These Individualized learning paths, available through programs such as AP courses, Advanced Academics, Dual Enrollment courses, Career and Technology, and even clubs, student organizations and extracurricular activities will help students gain knowledge and skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

High standards for students, both inside and outside of the classroom, have translated into students, from all grade levels, achieving inspiring accomplishments. Just last year, 910 Alvin ISD students participated in dual credit (college) courses while still in high school and 1,145 Career and Technical Education industry-aligned certifications were earned as well. Accomplishments in school will open doors and create a pathway to success for each of our students.

The future success of each child attending an Alvin ISD school is not only the goal of our district, but of our community as a whole. Continuing to leverage the positive relationships between parents, our community and the faculty and staff of Alvin ISD, will only serve to benefit our students as they progress through their educational journey. With open communication and collaborative decision-making we will continue to see our students thrive in an environment of high standards.

In Alvin ISD, we appreciate the trust you have placed in our district. We will strive to provide each child with an education that supports, challenges and inspires every student in such a way that will make our community proud to be a part of Alvin ISD.

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