Just some random thoughts this week as I prepare for a long weekend with my family.

I saw a message someone posted on social media last week that put some things in perspective. The Democrat primary for president will not be over until next July. Think about that for a minute.

All the hype, all the hatred, all the crazy discussions in the media and elsewhere are just beginning. I’m beginning to think Joe Biden might have the right idea for this thing — cut down on the hatred and vile speech and let time pass.

Having said that, I don’t believe Biden will be the Democrat choice for president. Simply put, he’s not crazy enough. One thing Trump has done is push the moderates of both parties to the side. That’s always been a thing in primary elections, but it’s gotten a little out of hand.

In today’s political climate, anyone to the right of a full Socialist has little chance in the Democrat primary and anyone to the left of Ted Cruz has little chance in the Republican side. The extremists are now in charge of American politics.

Gone are the days of Mitt Romney and John McCain, that’s for sure.


Next — I need someone to explain something to me. In the last few weeks, I have almost been in an accident three times because people can’t seem to turn right without first swinging way out into the left lane. Why is it necessary to swing to the left in order to turn to the right?

If someone is driving a semi, I understand. But that’s not who I’m talking about. In my little car, I can make any right turn simply by turning. In my wife’s minivan, which is basically a truck, I can do the exact same. So I don’t get it.

While we’re on traffic issues, I have one more question. Do driver’s in this area understand that on virtually every car that exists today, they have these magical things called turn signals? Turn signals are designed to let people around you know when you’re turning.

Using them makes the roads a much safer place. Yet say after day, I see people slamming on their brakes for no apparent reason, only to the turn.

Please use your turn signal. Not only is it the law, it makes it safer for everyone on the road.


Next — two years ago, much of this area was under water thanks to Hurricane Harvey. Two full years later, and the federal government is still trying to distribute money to areas that were flooded and need help to prevent another flood.

Two years — think about that. Two years, the federal government promised to help cities like Alvin and Manvel pay to make needed repairs to prevent future flooding. And two years later, that money is still just that — a promise.

It’s stories like this one that remind me why I don’t want the federal government controlling things like my healthcare and my money.


Finally, last month the Texas Education Agency released grades for all schools in Texas. The letter grades — A to F — are designed to help parents see how their children’s schools are faring.

Alvin ISD did pretty darn well. The district received a B, and high B with a grade of 89. Most of the schools in the district received As, Bs or Cs.

In general, the newer schools in the district received better scores. That’s often the case because newer schools are often placed in growing areas, areas that tend to have residents with higher incomes.

Nationwide, how much money parents make is usually the No. 1 indicator of how a student will fare in school.

Some people claim raise plays a role, but it seems to me economic security is a much bigger factor. While the new schools fared well, there certainly were exceptions. Stevenson Primary and Disney Elementary, both older campuses, each received As.

The biggest struggle appears to be in the junior high level, where the district received its only Ds. That’s a statewide issue, but one also seen in Alvin ISD schools.

Overall, I think the report card was positive and an indication that things are going well.

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