Freedom Field rending

The above drawing provides the west entrance to AISD's new football stadium, "Freedom Field," which will open in the summer of 2018. (Contributed photo by AISD)

The Alvin ISD Board of Trustees voted to approve the naming for the new football stadium,“Freedom Field,” during a regular meet Aug. 8.

Located at Iowa Colony Boulevard and County Road 65 in the Meridiana development, the $41.4 million structure is slated to open in the summer of 2018.

The artificial turf stadium will hold a seating capacity of 10,250 with the ability to expand to 12,000 in the future, if needed, while also offering a parking space for every four seats in the stadium.

“With the growth and future development of Alvin ISD, a stadium of this size and capacity is going to be essential for serving those UIL programs like football, soccer and band that need a 21st century stadium,” said Patrick Miller, Alvin ISD’s associate superintendent of student learning environment, “The 4 to 1 parking space ratio is also a good quantity that exceeds most stadiums.”

The stadium wasn’t the only structure that received a new name at the board meeting. The athletic complex, which includes a field house, athletic offices and locker rooms will be called the Alvin ISD Heritage Complex, while the 500-seat alumni center’s new name of Liberty Alumni Hall was approved and the field house will be called Legacy House.

The Alvin ISD Naming Committee for the facilities consisted of community members, teachers, staff members and trustees.

In a press release issued by the school district, assistant superintendent of professional learning and student and community engagement Daniel Combs said “Establishing the name for this complex is the first significant step in developing a unique culture and identity that will last for many years.”

Trustee and committee member Julie Pickren added that the discussions for naming the facility centered around a few ideas.

“First, the name of Memorial Stadium, located at Alvin High School, came from honoring military veterans, so that provided some direction,” Pickren said. “We wanted continuity between the facilities. Second, we wanted names that are inclusive for everyone in our school district.

“The east side of the district already has a rich heritage, while the west side of the district is building its heritage. Therefore, the name Heritage Complex encompasses all of us. Third, we have a great foundation for public education that has been set forth by our founding fathers and the Texas Constitution.

“The names Liberty Hall, Freedom Field, and Legacy House honors the people who so bravely fought and sacrificed for the greatness of America and Texas. I am confident these names will be an inspiration to our students to achieve greatness and continue building the legacy of Alvin ISD.”

Construction is also nearly complete on Phase 1 of improvements to Alvin Memorial Stadium, which features a newly built press box named after Roy Lee Powell and upgrades in lighting.

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